Washington Heights Greenway Segment Re-Opens

3087731332_2068c6acd5.jpgHudson River Greenway detour signage is on its way out. Photo: BikeSeens/Flickr

It took four months longer than expected, but here’s good news from the Port Authority, care of The Manhattan Times, regarding the greenway detour between W. 158th and 181st Streets:

The pathway in the park near the George
Washington Bridge has been reopened to pedestrians and bicyclists as of
this morning 4/28/09 and will not require any further closures.

Assuming no other projects are pending elsewhere along the route, it looks like bike riders and walkers can finally take advantage of an uninterrupted path from Battery Park to Inwood.

  • J-Uptown

    Was this closed? I rode by in January, and it was definitely open.

  • I believe the closings were off and on.

  • Last Wednesday the asphalt was being torn up, making it pretty tough sledding. Earlier in the month, however, the signs were up but the way was clear. Good to know all the work is done. Thanks, Streetsblog!

  • I, too, have been by there a moderate amount without running into closures.

    Does anyone know about the Hendrick Hudson Bridge? The footpath across the Harlem River (from Inwood into Riverdale) was closed the last time I tried it. (A year ago?)

  • Not The Slowest

    The Henry Hudson Bridge repair is 2 years away from completion

  • GWB Path Closings

    Less good Port Authority news is that the South path on the GWB is closed on weekdays for the next three weeks. Path users must climb the stairs on the north path, which seems not to have been swept of sand, glass and car parts for awhile.

  • Lucas

    Actually, the Hudson Greenway is still closed in the upper 80’s / lower 90’s. While it was slated to be finished Spring 09, it’s now been pushed back to Fall 09 (and who knows if that’s accurate). Of course, the detour is still car-free through riverside park, but annoying nonetheless.

  • Kate

    They are actually still working up there (under the GWB) and it was closed this morning—kind of frustrating but it will be really nice when it’s done.

  • I went through there this morning and despite your rosy report, it’s still blocked off.

  • eLK

    I rode through this morning, from the north end. The barricade at the top of the hill was open, then just above the bridge there was another barricade and a truck in the path. There were workmen there and I asked what was up, I got “What does it look like,” as a response. Then I asked why the barricade at the top was open and was told, “one of you guys moved it.” Thanks a lot guys.

  • I have a call in with the Port Authority to see what’s going on.

  • eLK

    On Friday the Greenway segment was open. And it looks good!


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