Eyes on the Street: Protected Dumpster Lane


As spotted on Eighth Avenue near 14th Street on Tuesday.

  • no physically separated lane, no respect

  • Ditto oscarfrye’s comment above: if there is no physical barrier to bike lanes, they will not be respected. A meager strip of paint doesn’t cut it.

    Check out today’s NY Times Local blog for another photo of a dumpster in a bike lane, this one in front of the 88th Precinct in Brooklyn:

  • Mike

    The point is that this is, theoretically, a protected bike lane. But it’s still really easy to get dumpsters, etc. in it.

  • jh

    yeah, but where are you supposed to put the dumpster? Lets be realistic

  • In the street, in the parking lane. That’s realistic.

  • Andy

    How many bikers would it take to move that dumpster down the street? That would make for a funny video.

  • It just shows the public’s irresponsibility. You can get a ticket for a few minutes of expired parking meter but the authorities look away when you block a bike path.

  • If you look up ahead past the dumpster, there’s also a car in the bike lane. Typical.

  • This is one of those times when the City should fine whomever ordered the dumpster as well as the company who provides them. Maybe if the City had a concept of multiple fines for a single infraction they’d be more motivated to enforce the law.

  • J-Uptown

    This section of bike lane is clearly not finished yet. Both Ninth Ave and Grand Street had had similar problems at first, but then people got used to them and they function quite well. For now, a bit of patience and a bit of enforcement are in order.

  • It could have gone in the gore (striped) area and been out of the way enough no to cause any harm.

    Still if this was plopped down in the middle of 8th Ave in a traffic lane open to cars I wonder how long it would stay there. 10 to 15 minutes max is my guess.

  • zach

    If the parking meter rates were high enough, it would be easy to find a legal parking space or even two to put the dumpster in.

    Shoup, ye are not forgotten!

  • Maybe tow it into the middle of the road. If it’s good enough for this active travel lane, then surely it’s fine in another.

  • haha. we should just put a ramp on it and have cars and bikes pull a dukes of hazard over it. perfect.

  • As DOT’s Josh Benson told John Bonnar,

    Standard metered parking was changed to “truck loading zones only” because the NYCDOT didn’t want a truck double parking in one of the traffic lanes. That created a huge uproar with retailers until the NYCDOT discovered that the merchants themselves were the ones using metered parking.

  • Sorry, wrong link. Try this one.


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