Putting Facebook to Work for Transit Rescue

metrocard_facebook.jpgGot a Facebook account? The Campaign for New York’s Future is asking transit riders to use the image on the right (get it here) as their profile pic, while changing their status to:

“Telling my state senator I oppose
the MTA doomsday fare hikes and service cuts at www.KeepNewYorkMoving.org"

In other it-ain’t-over-’til-it’s-over doomsday news, as state lawmakers continue to get hammered for inaction and pressured to avert fare hikes and service cuts, the Straphangers Campaign will be handing out fliers tomorrow morning in Times Square urging rush hour commuters to contact their reps.

  • Seems to help create the link in FB if its written http://www.KeepNewYorkMoving.org

  • Wow, already five Facebook friends have flipped to this status and photo. Me too.

  • I like this version better:

    Telling my New York State Senator I oppose the MTA fare hikes and service cuts and want to see tolls added to the East River Bridges instead at http://www.KeepNewYorkMoving.org

  • … though I’m not so sure that Carl Kruger and Pedro Espada are hanging out on Facebook thumbs-upping status updates.

  • You’re right, Aaron. Espada is probably on Sonico. Any hispanos/as reading this who are?

  • Wow, 14 of my friends now and counting. At the very least if this keeps up, someone should alert Daily News. They love finding newer and newer angles to cover the current crisis.

  • Aaron Berkman

    Better to run around like chickens than insist that the MTA have proper cutbacks. How about saving 15.2 Billion dollars by scrapping the LIRR Eastside access program? Anyone want to suggest that?



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