MTA Doomsday Hotline: How to Reach Your State Senator

If you’re having a "mad as hell" kind of morning and want to channel your frustration over imminent doomsday fare hikes and service cuts, here’s where you can track down the number for your state senator’s Albany office. Those in the Union Square area can also drop by Transportation Alternatives’ phone-a-thon, which will be going on until noon at the south end of the park.

For an extra jolt, read this statehouse dispatch from Politicker’s Jimmy Vielkind, which includes the following exchange with Fare Hike Four member Carl Kruger about the MTA rescue:

"Did you read the New York Times today?" He said. "There’s going to be a fare increase regardless of whose plan we take."

"What are their numbers? What’s their plan?" Kruger continued. Glenn Blain from the Daily News said their plan was Ravitch.

"They said they needed $5 tolls to finance their plan, now they said
they can do it with $2. Maybe they can do it with a dollar. Maybe they
can do it with none. They have zero credibility. Zero."

This from a Finance Committee chair whose alternative "plan" was branded "silly and probably illegal."

  • Glenn

    We need to hit these guys where it matters. No more free cars for state elected officials. None. Pay for your own out of your salary for your “part-time” job. Try to just get around your district for one month using mass transit. Try to get from your district to Albany by mass transit.

    Make them see the everyday issues of dealing with service cuts and fare increases. Talk to folks who finally got their first minimum wage job and realize that they are working for the MTA for their first hour.

    I’m not sure what a meaningful protest for this would look like, but maybe it’s really time to start laying down in front of the bridges and getting arrested.

  • Ashcan Sam

    For a protest, I really like the idea of getting as many people as possible to drive on the first day of the fare hikes. It would only take a miniscule number of transit riders behind the wheel to completely throw the roads into chaos. I’d even consider using a car share car for the day if I thought enough others would participate.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “We need to hit these guys where it matters.”

    Then instead of fare increases, let the MTA draw down its cash reserves and shut down the system. Let the young people and businesses move away. Let the tax base collapse.

    And let the state and city go bankrupt, eliminating the jobs and pensions of all the politicos and their supporters.

    You live here, you are their slave. And only bankruptcy can change this, because they’ve made irrevocable promises to themselves claiming there was no cost, and now blame the cost on anyone and everyone while laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Glenn

    Sam – How about a funeral procession? All cars that are protesting the MTA could drive at 10 mph with their lights on…we could caravan around the city.


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