Streetfilms: Straphangers Tell Albany to Save Transit

Wednesday was Lobby Day in Albany, and among those descending upon the capitol was a busload of New York City transit riders, organized by the Campaign for New York’s Future, who support East and Harlem River bridge tolls as part of the MTA rescue plan. Before the day was out, the group of some 50 straphangers visited the offices of 35 legislators. Streetfilms‘ Robin Urban Smith was also on board, and files this report.

  • Awesome

    This is great. NOW we need to get our elected leaders to watch this. How?

  • Shemp

    Churn out some DVDs and send to each State Senator.

  • vnm

    Excellent video. Thanks from all of us who could not be there.

  • Living in Borddeaux for this year I used to dislike the occasional strike which would shut down service totally or partially for a day or the protest in center city which would cut off the center of the tram ride and you’d have to walk around it. All in all, I should be very content that service was never systematically cut and fare prices never went up (it’s $175 or so for a year tram/bus pas for users under 28). Only problem is I leave all this for the U.S. in a month.

    Good luck convincing your Senators to support this. Something needs to be done because if this can happen in NYC where everyone admits that transit is a necessary part of daily life, think of what’s happening in smaller cities where it’s seen as extra.


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