MTA Rescue Alert: Tell Electeds What You Oppose

In response to the possible sinking of the MTA rescue plan by three recalcitrant state senators, the Campaign for New York’s Future has set up an action alert enabling members of the public to contact their representatives directly via e-mail. The message, which may be tailored before sending, reads in part:

I am very concerned to hear that Senators Carl Kruger; Pedro Espada, Jr.; and Ruben Diaz, Sr. will refuse to pass a transit rider rescue plan like those proposed by Governor Paterson and Speaker Silver, if that plan includes any new tolls.

These senators have made it clear what they oppose, so I’m writing to make sure you know what I, as your constituent, oppose.

* I oppose increasing fares by 23%;
* I oppose shutting down entire subway lines;
* I oppose discontinuing dozens of bus routes in every borough;
* And I oppose longer waits and overcrowding.

The Campaign is urging transit-supporting New Yorkers to send their messages today.

  • chuck

    Hmm. Both your post and the Campaign’s website give you the impression that this message is for all NYC residents to use. But the CNYF web form will not allow me to send the message, I gather because I don’t live in one of the Three Amigos’ districts.

    Anyone have any luck submitting the message?

  • Done.

    My first contact with the electeds since congestion pricing.

  • If the drivers don’t want to pay to cross the bridges, maybe we should just do only the minimum maintenance. And by “minimum,” I mean: how much less than $500 million would it cost if we only did enough so that the bridge could support one lane of busway in each direction plus non-motorized traffic?

  • Mine got through all right. I believe I’m writing from Carl Kruger’s district, but not even the NYS Senate’s website will give me a straight answer on that. I do hope that anyone can send the message.

  • I live in Eric Adams’ district and had no problems using the form.

  • By the way everyone, link this post on your Facebook or Twitter to give it the most exposure.

  • Larry Littlefield

    For nearly 20 years, the state legislature has done just about everything I oppose. So I suppose I ought to keep my mouth shut.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    I don’t know Larry, come on, there were all the moving 911 dedications.

  • Anon

    You guys need to make this not just NY Transportation issue but ALSO a “consumer” issue.
    Sate your case for passing the Ravitch inspired Silver Plan to a not-for-profit subsidiary of Consumers Union.

  • zgori

    Some of the opponents to tolling the bridges have a point in one respect. The geography of our region should not necessarily be a reason to charge certain drivers more than others, particularly given the reality the societal costs of driving are more than just maintaining bridges.

    Congestion pricing was a more fair solution, but even that didn’t spread the burden quite well enough.

    My proposal would be for a graduated congestion pricing scheme, where in you pay more money to drive closer to the central business districts. Eliminate tolls on all bridges and tunnels, but charge drivers, say, $2 when they enter NYC; another $2 as they approach congested areas of the outer boroughs, such as downtown brooklyn; another $2 to enter Manhattan below 96 street; and $4 more to enter midtown or the financial district.

    This would be technologically enforced via some sort of GPS based ez-pass device. It places the burden on those who actually clog up the most congested areas, rather than on those who cross bodies of water.

    Would this work? Would it be more politically palatable? I have no idea!

  • The geography of our region should not necessarily be a reason to charge certain drivers more than others, particularly given the reality the societal costs of driving are more than just maintaining bridges.

    Not necessarily, but in this case it makes sense. People who drive across bridges to their jobs tend to live in sprawly places and demand more taxpayer-sponsored infrastructure.


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