Streetfilms: The New Madison Square

Taking advantage of the beautiful mid-week weather, the Streetfilms crew headed over to Madison Square to find scores of New Yorkers enjoying a newly transformed public space. They also managed to catch up with the city staffers and community folks who made it happen. Writes Clarence:

I’ve started to forget what an ugly nightmare that nexus of Broadway
& 23rd used to look like. Chances are you have too, so here is a
reminder of the great work NYC DOT has done there. Take a gander, then
go out in your community or city and spread the word that well designed
public spaces work.

  • Yes, such things do tend to disappear from one’s memory; fortunately Google Maps still has the old design for now:

    I bike past there most days and I used to marvel that I didn’t regularly see peds getting killed.

    Things are much better now. However, cars (esp. taxis) still FLY on the one-block stretch of Broadway between 22nd and 21st, where Broadway is abruptly really wide. I think they’re a little slower now because they’re coming out of a narrower space now, but they are still too fast as they approach super-crowded Union Square.

  • John

    Taxis can fly????!!!

  • Eric

    All of Broadway should be turned into a pedestrian mall.

  • Must recant the last part of my earlier comment on this. That came from my POV as a cyclist, but I just experienced that spot as a pedestrian, and it did not seem to have the speeding problem I complained about above. So I applaud the re-design even more than before.


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