Pedestrian Struck on Carroll Street in Critical Condition

Brownstoner reports that a pedestrian was struck after 8 a.m. today on Carroll Street in Brooklyn, at the intersection of Eighth Avenue. According to NYPD, the victim, a 57 year old man, is in critical condition at Lutheran Medical Center. The driver struck him while traveling east on Carroll, behind the wheel of what the police report calls "a 2005 Toyota Suburban." A passerby informs Streetsblog that the impact was forceful enough to leave a deep, bowl-shaped depression of cracked glass in the windshield.

According to accounts surfacing on Brownstoner, witnesses say the sun may have obscured the driver’s vision. Is that now a mitigating factor when an SUV is driven fast enough to kill?

No charges have been filed at this time. NYPD provided no further details, saying the investigation is ongoing.

  • 8th Ave and PPW are insane speedways. They desperately need to be made two-way and traffic-calmed.

  • I have no faith in the traffic laws of this state to assure pedestrian safety. If a man can kill two children by negligently leaving his van in gear, and face NO consequences — well, I suppose driving an SUV when you can’t see pedestrians is even less likely to carry a punishment. Sad but true.

  • As soon as we have some facts, StreetsBlog should open a goddamned betting pool on what the charges will be.

    My money’s on he gets a citation for speeding, or for running a red, or for whatever actual moving violation he committed; and nothing relating to hitting the guy. (Jumping the gun a bit.)

  • Rhywun

    I imagine any car can kill at speeds much less than the speed limit. The key problem is when the driver isn’t looking where the $#@% he’s going.

  • > The key problem is when the driver isn’t looking where the $#@% he’s going.

    Not really. I spend loads of time checking my mirrors and not looking directly in front of me; also, at >30mph, I couldn’t really do anything about it if a pedestrian really did _jump in front of me_.

    But, none of these pedestrians jump in front of cars.

    Fortunately, most of the behavior that results in deaths is already illegal. We don’t need more laws; we need a highway patrol that does its goddamned job.

  • Also, anyone who remains at speed when the sun’s in their eyes is driving recklessly, and, if that’s their excuse, they should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment resulting in manslaughter.

    Sunblinded? Brake, and hard, until your eyes adjust. Also: Don’t you see the sunlit area coming? Put your sunglasses on as you approach it. Not carrying sunglasses? Not equipped to drive; reckless endangerment; etc.

    I used to commute down the FDR drive in the mornings, when the east side of the island was sunlit. Every day, coming into the 88th Street tunnels, traffic would slow to a crawl as folks’ eyes adjusted. Demonstration was thereby served that, responsible drivers, waiting for their irises to adjust, slow the hell down.

    The existing laws are totally enough. Their interpretation is lacking. Insert cars-are-forces-of-nature culture rant here.

    Done posting I swear.

  • Rhywun

    OK, I’ll grant that higher speeds reduce reaction time. Maybe instead of “the driver isn’t looking where the $#@% he’s going” I should have said “the driver isn’t following the m———–g rules of the road”.

  • rex

    Toyota Suburban? Heck I should get me one of those to go along with my Cadillac skateboard.

    “she’s a love machine, but she don’t run for nobody but me”

    Cheech Marin

  • 8th Ave and PPW are insane speedways. They desperately need to be made two-way and traffic-calmed.

    Let’s get started on that on Monday, February 16!

  • hahah. Does anyone know what happened? Or is it just too much fun to join the lynch mob before the facts are in? Did this guy run a light? Did the pedestrian jaywalk? Whose fault was the collision? Wait, we don’t know? Perhaps we should reserve judgment.

  • Those of us who know Eighth Avenue already know enough to say that the people who maintain its one-way, traffic-sewer design bear some responsibility for this poor guy’s condition.

  • Yes, let’s await more “facts” from the people who reported this Toyota Suburban crash. We should avoid discussing anything until we’re told what to believe by our esteemed and infallible authorities, otherwise it is a Lynch Mob.


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