Today’s Headlines

  • Stimulus Draft Disappoints on Infrastructure, Especially Transit (NYT)
  • What Queens Wants to Do With Stimulus Cash (News)
  • Access-a-Ride Fares Would More Than Double Under MTA Austerity Plan (NYT)
  • City Unveils Coney Island Redevelopment Plan (News)
  • Lincoln Center’s Revamped Public Spaces Set for a Slow Reveal (Good)
  • Carrion’s White House Role? ‘Cabinet Enforcer’ (News)
  • News Flash: Car Owners Like the Idea of Not Enforcing Parking Rules (News)
  • Debunking the Safety Myth of Car Travel (WalkBikeCT via
  • Bike Activism and Planning Gaining Traction in Israel (Haaretz via Planetizen)
  • Why Cars Don’t Belong on Virginia-DC Bridges on Inauguration Day (BeyondDC)
  • Rhywun

    “It’s being used as a revenue-raiser for the city, rather than a traffic safety device.”

    Idiot politicians who have no understanding of economics should not be allowed to grandstand with moronic legislation like this. But go ahead. Pass it, you morons; but don’t start whining to me when parking gets even scarcer than it is now.