Today’s Headlines

  • How Risky Bonds Deepened MTA’s Financial Woes (NYT)
  • Judge Blocks City From Enacting Hybrid Taxi Requirements (City Room)
  • Treasury Won’t Use Bailout Cash to Help GM Merge With Chrysler (NYT)
  • Jeff Klein Maneuvers to Gain Control of Dem Caucus in State Senate (News, Post)
  • Oberstar, Blumenauer Frontrunners for Transportation Secretary in Obama Admin (Bike Portland)
  • Teenage Valet Killed By Driverless Minivan in Bay Ridge Parking Lot (News, Post)
  • State and City Enviro Officials Cracking Down on Idling Vehicles (NY1)
  • A Day of the Dead Memorial for Cyclists Killed By Auto (News)
  • Complete Streets Laws Pass in New Haven and California (Design NH, CalBike)
  • Today at City Hall: Public Testimony on Term Limits, Right Before Extension Becomes Law (NYT)
  • In response to the idling vehicle crackdown, perhaps the city and state should look at the MTA as well.

    Because of construction on the 2 and 3 trains this weekend and last, countless MTA buses were needed to shepherd riders up to the Lenox Terminal area and 149th St-Grand Concourse. Well, those buses were idling like crazy the entire past two weekends from 9 pm Friday night until 5 am Monday on Broadway from 90th St to 93rd St. Great poster for environmental consciousness by the MTA.

  • borham