Today’s Headlines

  • Pelosi: Transit Funding a ‘Given’ in Post-Election Stimulus Package (Time)
  • Weiner Staying in Mayoral Race No Matter What (NYT)
  • Report: NYC Construction Boom Nearing an End (NYT, News)
  • MTA Hawks Bonds on the Radio, With Koch as Pitchman (NYT)
  • Brooklyn CBs Endorse City Plan to Reduce Alternate-Side Parking to Once a Week (Bklyn Paper)
  • Revitalized Columbus Park Sings With Street Life (Planetizen)
  • City Planning OKs Garbage Truck Garage for West Soho (Curbed)
  • FedEx Pays $10.7M/Year in NYC Parking Fines (City Room)
  • Evaluating the Bike Commuter Benefit (Green Inc)
  • SF Bike Coalition Organizes ‘Gas-Free Fridays’ (Car-Free USA)
  • Larry Littlefield

    The bike commuter benefit is better than I thought, in that it goes to the employer to provide facilities rather than the employee. A $240 per year deduction isn’t much for me, but if you get 10 for a business it might almost be worth the paperwork.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Gas prices are down, so guess what?

    “Auto sales hit the skids in September, sinking to their lowest level in more than 15 years, as the faltering economy and credit crunch combined to squeeze the business. But amid the carnage, sales of large pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles held their own, according to”

    “Yes, you read that correctly: trucks and SUVs, the very same gas-swigging monsters that Americans have stampeded away from this year as gasoline prices rose to record levels.”

    “The data over the last few months show consumers are shallow — they’ll go and buy a large SUV when gas prices go down,” Toprak said.”

    “A shift back toward larger vehicles could be a costly blow to automakers that are spending billions to retool their production lines to focus on smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.”

    Also, it will wipe out the alternative fuels industries. PARTY!

  • “She rattled off investments in “mass transit, roads, bridges, et cetera, schools and housing and…broadband” as givens.”

    Pelosi is saying that both roads and mass transit are givens, so we are not there yet. There is still plenty of work for Transportation For America to do.

  • The Daily News has an update on the Kissena Corridor Parking Lot. We’ll get our park back – with “environmental restoration” and hopefully a greenway – if they get the permits to build a garage. Oh, and the money has paid for something, but no one’s 100% sure just what.