Today’s Headlines

  • House Votes to Loosen Restrictions on Offshore Drilling (NYT)
  • Biden: Obama Presidency Would Be ‘Most Train-Friendly Administration Ever’ (Politico)
  • MTA May Ask City Agencies to Pay Tolls for On-Duty Travel (News)
  • Bloomberg: Selling Bridges Won’t Fix Toll-Shopping Traffic (News)
  • Lincoln Tunnel Needs a Jersey-Bound Express Bus Lane (MTR)
  • Queens Beep: Performance Parking Is a Money Grab (News)
  • Queens Residents Call for Traffic Signal at Whitestone Intersection (News)
  • Second Round of MTA Rider Report Cards Gets Underway (City Room, NY1)
  • Black Cars Making Fewer Trips Amidst Market Turmoil (NYT)
  • Hey Wall Street! Wanna Buy a Rolls? (City Room, Post)
  • In the next car, Biden told another passenger that “If we get elected, it will be the most train-friendly administration ever.”

    Friendlier than the Lincoln administration?

  • The Whitestone intersection in question illustrates some of the shortcomings of the DOT’s current traffic calming toolbox. The DOT converted a driving lane into a buffered bike lane, but there are still cars crashing into buildings, and the residents still feel unsafe crossing the street. What would Monderman do?

  • Re: “Queens Beep: Performance Parking Is a Money Grab”

    Doesn’t Shoup predict this reaction?

    And doesn’t he recommend using the money back to the local neighborhoods to further improve the streetscape?

    Is the city not doing this with “Smart Parking”?

  • Larry Littlefield

    An interesting obituary of a man who rode his bicycle all over the world about 6,000 miles per year, before being killed by an automobile at age 74.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Good point about Lincoln Cap’n though he was a railroad lawyer he sued the railroads. Those were public private partnerships though and very exploitive of their monopoly position to scam bonds and real estate. La plus ca change….

  • “Bloomberg: Selling Bridges Won’t Fix Toll-Shopping Traffic”

    Well duh – as long as there are some crossings that have tolls and some that don’t, there will be toll-shopping traffic.