Eyes on the Street: Alternate Route


Musings on ‘point sends this photo from Warren and Church in Lower Manhattan.

We love the idea of DIY traffic control. Grab your cardboard and markers, folks.

  • MrManhattan

    This is just like the street vendor on Prince just east of the Apple store who puts orange traffic cones in the bike lane so he can use it as part of his “store”. He’s been doing it for at least two months and apparently hasn’t been fined or arrested.

  • well, if the cops aren’t interested in halting this behavior, it must mean that we can make our own bike lanes and shut streets off to cars according to our needs, thus perpetuating this wonderful spirit of good old fashioned american d.i.y.

    “this street closed to cars. go home.”

  • Every car parked or standing in the bike lane is tantamount to a “diy” bike lane closure. Whether it’s done in articulate, seemingly polite manner as in the photo or otherwise, it amounts to the same thing in my view. When anyone can design traffic control, you find motorists circumventing the traffic barriers on the Central Park loop so they can drive during car-free hours, and construction workers posting ambiguous signs suggesting that bicyclists can’t use bike lanes that they have every right to use.

  • David M

    I live in San Jose, CA, and when I see cones and/or “____ lane closed ahead” signs blocking the bike lane I simply park my bike and move the signs. I have done this at least a hundred times over the past twenty years. My guess is that the workers who place these obstructive signs are the same people who park their cars in such a way as to block the sidewalk, thereby hindering pedestrians. If you’re not behind the wheel when you go from A to B, you just don’t matter.


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