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  • Omri

    For once Pelosi shows a level of courage and tells these palukas the truth they don’t want to hear.

    Now if she just retracts the nonsense about speculators and admits that you can’t fight global warming by openning up the SPR and burning the oil that’s in it…

  • gecko

    Like this comment on the NYT City Room: Comments of the Moment
    “Pedestrians ought to get off their high horses: they assuredly go through more red lights on a daily basis than bikers.”
    — Steven M.

    re: City to Add Bike Parking at Municipal Buildings (City Room)

  • Jason A

    As much as it pains me every time pedestrians and cyclists squabble, that’s a good catch Gecko. I obviously think peds are the most entitled to the streets, but I find some of the sanctimonious bike-hate a little rich when so many of them will cross when I have a green and then scowl at me for the close-call.

    There’s blame to go all around (and I’m sure we all know the biggest boogieman of them all…), but I’d hope any ped that launches into a bike-rant accepts at least some responsibility for respecting cyclists.

    I fear many do not.

  • JP

    Biden said “Amtrak” last night. On TV. I saw it.

  • Jason, the thing is, fast moving bikes scare people. Bikes make no sound, even though I stop at crosswalks and wait– people still get startled. When a person comes out from between two parked cars I’m likely to scare them to death. Of course they are “jaywalking” and I have “right of way” but whatever, I don’t like scaring people. I put up with it from cars when I’m jogging and walking and I don’t want to add to the problem on a bike.

    This is one area where bike lanes help, I do think peds are less shocked when the see one in the lane. But to get better relations we need more people biking and a little more respect for peds from some bikers. Weaving through people in a cross walk is very bad, but I see it all the time.

    In the end, though there will always be conflict. It’s normal. Think of the hated “slow walkers” and “people who walk 3 abreast” –fast walking peds fly in to a rage over that some of the time– or people who block subway doors… or people who walk while talking on the phone…

  • Jason A

    Oh I definitely agree Susan, I always take care to be extremely defensive around peds and I always go to great lengths to not startle/scare anyone…

    I just grit my teeth a bit at some of the bike-flaming that has been going on lately in the blogosphere – considering some of the less-than welcoming attitudes I often encounter on the street.

    Of course, if peds and cyclists were to enjoy their fair share of street space, I suspect many of these conflicts would cease to exist.

  • Max Rockatansky

    I rode down the Broadway bike path last night on the way home. Very crowded with pedestrians, people are really making use of the space! There were also many many many people using the bike lane as a sidewalk. So whenever I’m riding down a really congested road I make sure to ring the bell a lot, I figure eventually people will realize that the ringing bell sound is approaching. A lot of times they don’t. Ringing the bell does help – at least it’s some kind of warning – but I think people really aren’t used to seeing bikes on the streets yet. I was encouraged by the number of people riding to work this morning though. Left a little late and was surrounded by bikes the whole way, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and going up to midtown.

  • m-o

    The cops were “doing” the donuts?!

    Oh. *That* kind of “doing donuts.”

    I thought it was…


  • Pedestrians ought to get off their high horses

    They wouldn’t be pedestrians if they didn’t.