Streetsblogger Drives Home Yankee Stadium’s Game-Day Parking Problem


A few weeks ago, Streetsblog regular Susan Donovan snapped some pics of sidewalk-hogging cars parked near Yankee Stadium and added them to our Flickr pool. Today she (and her photos) appeared on New York 1, in a report filed by Susan Jhun that looks at the mess caused by game-day parking. Score one for TV coverage of pedestrian rights:

Donovan says the cars completely block the sidewalk to the point where she has to come out into the middle of the street to get by.

"They block [the sidewalk] in such a way that you can’t even squeeze by at all," says Donovan. "The sidewalks really are for people to walk on and not for parking."

When we spoke to a manager for East Parking Garage, he said that they only put the cars there temporarily and move them constantly.

But that’s not what NY1 cameras caught on a recent game day when cars sat parked in front of the hydrant.

Susan, wanna share your tips on catching the eye of reporters?

Image: New York 1

  • Barnard

    Good for NY1 for running the story! Thanks!

    Now (as we all well know), it’s up to New York’s finest, the New York City Police Department, led by Commissioner (and rumored mayoral candidate) Raymond Kelly to ENFORCE THE LAW and ticket and tow drivers who park on the sidewalk and in otherwise illegal ways.

    Come on NYPD! Enforce the law!

  • For TV reporters I think it helps if you have some photos that they can use, and if you can explain the “outrage” in one sentence. They used a bunch of my photos in the news story. This one was easy, anyone can see that those cars are parked illegally.

    In the story they said that the police said they had “no complaints on file.” I have a copy of the complaint I submitted, and the people at my community board said that this has been a running issue. So, I’m sort-of annoyed about that, they *do* have a complaint “on file.”

    At any rate, I’m keeping my eye on this area and I’ll do an update in a few weeks on the Bronx Group.

  • momos

    Right on Susan! So glad you’re getting this message into the media.

  • Hooray, Susan!

  • Dave

    How many of these cars had placards, fake or otherwise. Why is the pressure not being kept on placard abuse and free EZ-passes, especially now that the cops got a 19% raise.

    Come on Mike tackle the damage done to the streets by placard abuse and cops out-of-control.

  • dick

    It’s the last game at Yankee stadium – I have tickets! But can’t find any parking! I’ve been driving around for over 2 hours – help!!!!


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