Bloomberg Relieves Council Mems of Reserved Parking as NYPD Rants


Hours after yesterday’s Daily News broke the story of four City Council members having designated street parking near their offices, Mayor Bloomberg quashed the perk. Wrote Liz Benjamin on The Daily Politics:

Bloomberg said he talked to DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan after reading about the free spaces in this morning’s DN and told her "we’ve got to have one policy that’s reasonable."

Bloomberg said he and Sadik-Khan decided that reserved spaces are
"inappropriate" and as a result, "we will just remove those four

The members in question — Helen Sears, Al Vann, Helen Foster and David Yassky — will keep their parking placards. Yet one malcontent over at NYPD Rant somehow interpreted yesterday’s developments as another victory for the all-powerful bicycle lobby, and for good measure equated the rollback of government parking privileges with Nazism.

When Transportation Alternatives came for the cops, the City Council sat back on their heels, it didn’t affect them. Then they came for teachers, firemen, Sanmen and other city workers. It still didn’t affect them, so the City Council ignored them.

Now Transportation Alternatives have come for them, the chickens have come home to roost. So fifty or so aging hippies, counter culture freaks, anarchists and bike junkies have more juice than the mayor, the City Council and the Police Dept!

I think we should outlaw bikes and the people who ride them. Maybe the City Council can work on that instead of cowering in fear.

Photo: DelMundo/New York Daily News

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Now Transportation Alternatives have come for them, the chickens have come home to roost. So fifty or so aging hippies, counter culture freaks, anarchists and bike junkies have more juice than the mayor, the City Council and the Police Dept!”

    I think the ranters don’t get who it is who is most affected by, and most resents, the placards. Drivers without them. Parking perks for the privileged do not affect my ability to ride my bicycle. They affect my ability to park my non-privileged car.

  • Max

    NYPD Rant is a truly frightening website.

  • fdr

    Next they’re coming for the teachers. Look out.

  • Max Rockatansky

    Say what you will about NYPD Rants – they have a flair for the dramatic! They should patrol with Elizabethan outfits.

    “All the world ‘s a parking lot, and all the men and women merely drivers. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time parks in many spots.”

  • rex

    A story about a rabid post on a blog known for outrageous opinions is really beneath Streetsblog’s usual standards. It is just a rant by someone claiming to be cop.

  • aging hippies?!? I’m only 30.

  • “Now Transportation Alternatives have come for them, the chickens have come home to roost. So fifty or so aging hippies, counter culture freaks, anarchists and bike junkies have more juice than the mayor, the City Council and the Police Dept!”

    I hate to break it to you, NYPD Ranter, but the Mayor agrees with the “counter culture freaks.”

  • Streetsman

    I think it’s fascinating how livable streets advocates are sometimes likened to Nazis or fascists, other times to hippies, and other times to anarchists. And still other folks see livable streets as a symbol of gentrification or a Bloomberg right-wing platform of the corporatization of New York and catering to rich private developers.

    These are all COMPLETELY contradictory ideologies: left wing, right wing, anarchy and fascism – the full gamut. I have seen some commenters call the DOT commissioner a hippie and a fascist in the same sentence. I guess some people are just so completely consumed with animosity, they will take the image of whatever ideology they consider to be “the enemy”, and project it onto anything they oppose, be it livable streets or anything else.

    It is a remarkable trait that seems prevalent among those raving bloggers with the particularly loud brand of aggressive ignorance that is characteristic of livable streets opposition. But I fear not – I believe there are sensible people at the helm of the ship right now.

  • It is pretty awesome that the bicycle lobby is all powerful tho! Now I can move on to something else.

  • Streetsman, aging Nazi hippies with cleated jackboots forcing mung beans down the throats of innocent motorists?

  • Streetsman

    For your convenience, the Livable Streets Network provides a full article on what “Livable Streets” means:

    You may think it’s jargon, but I find this part pretty clear:
    “Unlike other streets that primarily serve the needs of traffic, [livable streets] cater to the needs of everyone using them.”

    Generally speaking, wanting to use public streets as a place to store your private motor vehicle would not make you a livable streets advocate. But wanting a better world is a good start.

  • Streetsman

    Hey-o? I was responding to a comment that seems to have been deleted.

    Anyhoo, yeah Sam – after a massive military industrial buildup, carrying the banner of national socialism, the livable streets bicycle armies (numbering in the hundreds of thousands) roll in and occupy Manhattan. Anyone known to be a driver or sympathetic to drivers is routinely rounded up and shipped off on high-speed commuter rail to “concentration streets” in cities across the region. There they spend their time forced to make colorful chalk drawings on the pavement until their fingers bleed. Some lucky souls are taken in by the brave industrialist Oscar Schindler and are spared execution by being put to work in one of the Livable Street party’s many training wheel factories.


  • Janet

    Wow – I live in Jackson Heights and walk by this every day. It has always bothered me, but I figured they all got their own spot. Helen Sears spent $100K of city money on non-profits run by family members, she voted against congestion pricing (and never responded to my letter to her about it), AND she’s got this parking spot. So corrupt and self-serving it is unbelievable. Good lord I can’t wait to vote against her.


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