Today’s Headlines

  • Taxpayer Tab for Subsidizing Cars = $100 Billion Per Year (Slate)
  • Officer Pogan’s Version of Events: Cyclist Took Down Cop (Smoking Gun)
  • Why Are Cyclists Singled Out for Criticism? (Switchboard)
  • Seattle Cyclist Calls Critical Mass Counterproductive (News)
  • NYPD Wants Your Videos of Police Misconduct (Post)
  • Evaluating Governor Paterson’s Performance on Transit (Newsday)
  • Bloomberg: Privatizing Subways Is a Bad Idea (Sun)
  • 7 Train Still Jam-Packed Down the Line, Despite Added Service (AMNY)
  • G Train Is the Line That Breaks Down Most Frequently (Brooklyn Paper)
  • MTA, Port Authority Looking to Replace Toll Booths With Automated Scans (NY1)
  • “NYPD Wants Your Videos of Police Misconduct” … so they can burn them?

    Critical Mass is sometimes counterproductive, since it pisses a lot of people off.

  • Dave

    MTA looking….
    Great…the first step in putting tolls back on the East River tolls and reintroducing two-way tolls at all bridges and tunnels. Toll-shopping hurts Manhattan the most with the avoidance of VNB westbound tolls so this is great news.

  • “NYPD Wants Your Videos of Police Misconduct” … so they can burn them?

    Ha ha ha! I thought that too. But, seriously there are some people in the NYPD who are TRYING to make things better with respect to the misconduct issues. In the end they just need to pay cops more and have more training– then get rid of the ones with bad attitudes and no respect for the public.


    Well, it’s good that the NYPD is saying that. I have never been anti-cop (look at Haiti if you want to see a place with police deficiencies) but I think there are huge problems with how we treat cops in society. They are not New York’s Finest… they are a mix of New York’s best, worst, and in between. The link above is a cop bulletin board (and I by no means mean to presume this is average opinion) where they seem to think they are the finest and they are law enforcement so they are right in doing these things. I respect police but they are not inherently better than anyone else. You aren’t New York’s finest by being a cop. You become New York’s finest by what you do as a cop. And when you put yourself on the line to protect civilians you are the finest, but when you push bikers off their bikes you are not. But we’ve created a culture whereby wearing a badge you think you deserve some great respect, not by what you do with it. That needs to change.

  • Pursuant

    7 Train is just ducky. The L train switch upgrade was an incredibly overpriced boondoggle and still they’re not running as many trains per minute as the 7. What they need most is to encourage private enterprise to expand express bus service. Let entrepreneurs take the risk and reward of building out public transit. That’s how we got subways in the first place.