Today’s Headlines

  • More From Yesterday’s East Side Access Tunnel Press Tour (News, NY1)
  • Bikes Vs. Cars!!! The National Media Gets Into It (MSNBC)
  • NY State Thruway Traffic (and Toll Revenue) Plummets (Times Union)
  • Damn the Gas Prices, Road Widenings Ahead! (Streetsblog LA)
  • Transit Ridership Increasing in 75% of US Cities (Enviro Defense)
  • Gas Prices May Revive Cities (US News)
  • 10 Good Things About $4 Gas (Time)
  • Hysterical Reactions to Bike Lanes, Take 25 (Greenpoint Blog)
  • MTA May Roll Out New Hybrid-Electric Buses This Fall (AMNY)
  • NYPD Cars Clog Columbus Circle Bus Lane (Best of Trendy)
  • Nine Injured in Staten Island DWI Crash (Post)
  • Folks Getting Interested in Rutgers Professor John Pucher (American Prospect)
  • m-o

    “Hysterical reactions to bike lanes” is unfair – read that blog post again. The author isn’t anti-bike; she just thinks that the bike lane will provide a false sense of security at a very dangerous intersection, and calls for increased/additional traffic calming measures.

    She just doesn’t do it with the vocabulary that livable streets advocates are entrenched in.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Perhaps the Thruway could get out of the financial hole by selling the innermost lanes to a railroad.

  • MSNBC sez, “Use the same hand signals as motorists.” Sorry but, I’m far too polite for that.

  • The cops in the bus lane at Columbus Circle–that’s been happening very routinely for at least a year. I work near there and regularly see upwards of 12 cop cars sitting there. Guess whether a lot of them have their engines iding.

  • Shemp

    The hysterical reaction on the Greenpoint blog was pre-figured by a bunch of moronic blather here a couple of days ago…

  • Re. the blogger’s comments about the rude bus driver in the Best of Trendy post titled “NYPD Cars Clog Columbus Circle Bus Lane”:

    “Get with recertifying and retraining your bus drivers and subway drivers, they desperately need it.

    We pay $2 to ride that rotten vegetable heap. Give me a break, this post is definitely tagged New York City Pathetic, NYCCRUD.”

    I think people need to get over the idea that $2 is a lot of money to pay for a transit fare. Have you SEEN how much transit costs in London (which I think is the only system that’s comparable to ours)?

  • By the way, I don’t mean to excuse the bus driver for being rude, of course. I’m just saying that our fares are pretty cheap considering the size of the system, the free transfers, the flat fare, the 24/7 service, etc., and that you get what you pay for.

  • There is a great quote in David Brooks’ column in today’s New York Times, explaining why he admires McCain’s conservative approach:

    “The high point of his campaign, so far, has been his energy policy, which is comprehensive and bold, but does not try to turn us into a nation of bicyclists. It does not view America’s energy-intense economy as a sign of sinfulness.”

    Apparently, conservatives support freeways and nuclear power but consider bicycles a threat to our heritage.

  • J. Mork

    Good to know “conservative” still means something.