Cartoon Tuesday: Outmoded

From Dick Locher of the Chicago Tribune comes a cartoon complement to Judith Warner’s essay in the Times last Friday, declaring that SUVs have outlived any "utility" owners may once have derived from them.


Disney’s Highway to Hell

This scarifying nine-minute peek into an auto-enslaved Disney world of the future, as seen from 1958, is as amazing for what it gets right (like urban sprawl) as much as what is laughably off the mark (like urban sprawl = Utopia). Notice how skinny everyone is, though no one ever walks (except dad, from his […]

Cartoon Tuesday: Chutes and Ladders, State DOT Style

Via Steven Higashide at Mobilizing the Region: A board game? An unusually colorful circuit board? Could it be contemporary art? Perhaps the four sets of people represent humanity, dwarfed by the boxes and arrows which symbolize the harrowing complexity of modern life. Actually, this is a real diagram from the NYSDOT Division of Engineering’s Project […]