Today’s Headlines

  • G8 Climate Summit Yields Few Concrete Goals to Curb Emissions (NYT)
  • DOT’s Bike-Share Announcement Makes a Splash (NYT, Post, Sun, News)
  • In Parking Crackdown, NYPD Has Issued 1000 Summonses to Cops (Post)
  • Greenwich Village, Midwood to Be Testing Grounds for Peak Rate Parking (NYT)
  • City Comptroller: MTA Should Reconsider Capital Program Deferrals (Sun)
  • MTA Trims $5M More From Operating Budget (News, Post)
  • Letter to Albany: NYC Still Needs Congestion Pricing (NYT)
  • New York Recognized as ‘Bike-Friendly Community’ (Metro)
  • Brighton Subway Line Hailed as New York’s Most Charming (Sun)
  • ‘Middle-Class Homeless’ Living Out of Their Cars (Breitbart via Carfree USA)


  • I saw some fresh green paint on broadway construction in times square this morning, didn’t have a camera on me though…

  • Davis

    Will Neuman’s NYT story on bike share absolutely drips with cynicism.

    The city took a tentative step this week toward fulfilling the dream of a certain kind of urban idealist

    If bike-sharing were a brand new, untried concept, then, OK, maybe this whole thing could be viewed as some crazy Utopian ideal. But this is an idea that’s working all over the place from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Paris, France. I”m not sure why you have to be such an “idealist” to want to test it out in NYC, the N. American city with the most daily bike commuters.

  • Re: “Letter to Albany: NYC Still Needs Congestion Pricing”

    We love Paul Steely White.

  • Spud Spudly

    Toyota to suspend production of certain large trucks and SUVs and to start manufacturing the Prius in the US:

  • Re: “City among friendliest for biking”

    “New York City and Burlington, Vt., were the only Northeast cities to be recognized as a ‘bicycle friendly community,’ and in a press release yesterday, the Department of Transportation touted the progress it’s made over the past 12 months.”

    What sloppy journalism! *Who* has recognized NYC as a “bicycle-friendly community”?