Get a Taste of Public Bike-Share This Week


If yesterday’s DOT announcement has whetted your appetite for public bikes, the New York Bike-Share Project has just the thing. From today until Monday, free bikes will be available at four locations in the general vicinity of Greenwich Village. To take one for a spin, participants sign a waiver and give their credit card information. There is no charge for the first 30 minutes.

Rather than duplicate the services of a bike rental shop, the goal is to encourage short, commuter-type trips, according to Lisa Chamberlain of the Forum for Urban Design, one of the organizers behind the project. This is the second year the Forum has helped put together a bike-share experiment. "When we did this last year, the idea was to get the attention of the
city," says Chamberlain. "This year it’s to reinforce the idea and to
raise the awareness of the public."

The locations open at 7:30 a.m. and close around 6 p.m., except for the Seventh Avenue South station, which will remain open until 8 p.m. The sites are each stocked with between five and eight bikes that will be re-distributed as needed.

The five-day demonstration will wrap up Monday evening with a reception at City Bakery featuring DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. 

Map of bike stations: New York Bike-Share Project

  • Hooray to City Bakery/Birdbath.

    I’ve e-mailed them a suggestion that they offer, in addition to the great discount they already offer to customers arriving by bike or board, also a discount to card-carrying members of Transportation Alternatives.

    It makes sense for their customers who ARE cyclists and boarders, but who who live too CLOSE to arrive by bike or board–they could flash their T.A. card instead. It would promote Transportation Alternatives, and, therefore, promote a greener, safer city, which I imagine is something the City Bakery people would be cool with.

    T.A. and City Bakery: have you two been hanging around at the same party, checking each other out, but not yet talking for some reason?

    City Bakery: offer a discount to T.A. members. Or if you’re not looking at this, T.A.: go ahead. Go up and talk to her.

  • ddartley: great idea!

  • This is a wonderful initiative. Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to help me much, but I could see doing a fun bakery and art tour that involved picking up a pastry at each stop!

  • Also, I live right near their 1st Ave. location, and their cookies are friggin’ amazing. Like, best ever.

  • Oh, and one other update–the discount is, very understandably, no longer 50%. I don’t think anyone should blame them for the change!

  • lee

    would the bike share program provide a lock or would I have to use my own if I wanted to make an interim stop between two bike share locations?

    what prevents someone from keeping the bike?


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