Eyes on the Street: A Summer Space on Montague


In these shots from tipster Jeff Prant (more after the jump), Brooklyn Heights residents take advantage a car-free Montague Street this past weekend. Though the July 4th holiday, overcast skies, and inadequate publicity are all suspected to have affected turnout on its first week, those who missed out can enjoy Montague "Summer Space" events on Sundays through the rest of the month.


  • Streetsman

    I think the publicity was “inadequate” because the community was afraid of attracting crowds of people. I’m so glad to finally see one of these. It should help future proposals to allay fears of mobs of people, traffic armageddon, noise, vendors and all the other crap people say will happen when you close a street.

    Look – it’s just nice extra room for people to walk, bike and gather in.

  • definitely a great step, but this first event hopefully is no indicator of the the future ones. i enjoy extra room to walk and ride, but these photos are the very best of what was actually a vastly uninhabited streetscape. publicity could have been better, but i’m guessing it was the holiday weekend factor that kept crowds away. don’t judge it by day one, judge it after the whole experiment is through and i bet numbers will skyrocket.

  • Yeah the guess the publicity was low (and I am nearby and didn’t know!) I missed a great Streetfilm! Oh well, next weekend then.

  • beth

    I had heard about it a while back, but had no idea it was approved, or that it would debut this week. It gave me somewhere to sit while my laundry was drying and I was really glad to see it. Turnout was definitely underwhelming, for all of the reasons you listed. I’m sincerely hoping it gains more steam in the community.

    In my time there on Sunday, I did have a bit of a safety concern: barriers were only put up on the side of the street where traffic would be allowed to turn (i.e., east side of Montague), which I think made some people a little oblivious when crossing streets like Henry and Hicks from the west side, which had no barrier. I saw several people walk out into traffic going down Henry because they didn’t realize right away that there would be cross-traffic.

  • andrew

    they should make this permanent, Montague is an AWFUL street normally, too many parked cars, too much traffic and too many large delivery trucks. They should also remove parking as most of the traffic is people trolling for spots.

  • mfs

    Who needs a lot of people there? (seriously)
    It’s fun to play on the street yourself!


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