Squad Cars Clear Out of Dekalb Bike Lane

A tipster sends photographic evidence that the NYPD does, at times, show cyclists some courtesy. Last week, a post on Clinton Hill Blog drew attention to parked squad cars at the 88th Precinct jutting out into the bike lane on Brooklyn’s Dekalb Avenue. Streetsblog and Gothamist picked up the photo, and now those cars are parallel parked, out of cyclists’ right-of-way. Hopefully for good.

  • Matt Kime

    what is the best way to say thank you? its really cool that they they’d do that as I’m sure nobody is forcing them.

  • The number for community affairs at the 88th Precinct is (718) 636-6526.

  • Attendee

    As those of you following this blog know, State Senator Eric Adams recently met with some readers to learn more about transportation issues. He told that that when he used to be a Police Officer, he would bike to work at times. One member of the group forwarded this StreetsBlog post to him and he promised to send a letter to Brooklyn NYPD brass about it. Granted, this could just be a coincidence, but it is nice to think that we have a friend in the State Senate.

  • Senator Eric Adams

    Dear Attendee, you are correct that one of the participants at the meeting did in fact bring this problem to my attention. I sent a letter to both Borough Commanders (Brooklyn North and South) and had a conversation with their staffs about the problem.

    They were extremely supportive of allowing bikers to ride without the lanes being blocked.

    This is a clear example of how riders can use their knowledge to coordinate with elected officials to get the results that WE are looking for.

    We all want the same results. We cannot do it alone, but we can do it together.

    There is one thing many will learn about me. It does not take me long to say “I hear you.”


    NYS Senator

    P.S. I will be having another meeting of the Transportation Task Force in the next week or so. I want to give an update on the cameras in bus lane as well as closing streets for “car free Saturdays.” After my conversations with those involved, I will annouce the date of the next Task Force meeting. All of my meetings are open to all who are interested.

    P.S.S. Can someone please let Matt know so he won’t think we are leaving him out. :-).


    NYS Senator

  • Thanks, Senator Adams and the 88th Precinct! This is very cool.

  • Char

    About three weeks ago I happened upon a serial bike-thief in front of the Barnes & Noble Textbook Store on 5th Ave @ 18th Street in the Union Square area. I showed two police officers who were nearby in a cruiser. They tried to catch him, bt were unsuccessful at the time, hope they’ve gotten him since. What I learned was that this guy had stolen another bike near Paragon Sports (18th Street @ Broadway) a few minutes before.

    Apparently these thiefs sell stolen bikes to restaurants whose delivery employees use them to bring everyone their pizzas, Chinese food, etc…

    Ther bike’s owner was quite a looker, so hopefully the cute dude got his bike back.

    See the video I took in the link below.

  • Philip

    Thank them for what? Being law abiding? Come on. . . Does anyone thank ordinary law abiding civilian citizens for doing the same?

  • Ian Turner

    Philip, when someone is doing something antisocial, and you ask them to stop, and they do, the polite and proper thing to do is to say “thank you”. Especially when they do so out of compassion or social justice rather than out of fear.

  • I’m with Ian. Saying thanks is better for everybody.

    (p.s. Ian, do you have a sister named Liana? Likely a different Ian Turner, but you never know…)

  • Ian Turner


    Don’t know anyone named Liana, but then again Ian Turner is a fairly common name. I used to know a schoolteacher named Tiana…

  • ragger

    i noticed on my ride home that the cops on 123rd and st nicolas ave also got the memo not the park in the bike lane anymore…..they just pulled another 4′ on the sidewalk……so nice to see this caused a city wide change

    to bad that their private cars were still parked in the bike lane between 121 and 122 on this ave (next to the triangle park), placards and all. But again one step forward is better than no step in the right direction.

  • richb

    Thanks Senator Adams, but they are back to blocking the lane. Over the last few weeks I have seen it a few times. I didn’t take any photos but last night there were three unmarked and one marked car in front of the precinct parking perpendicular to the curb and blocking the bike lane.
    I was tempted to go in and complain to the precinct commander but I was running late. Next time I will though.


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