Today’s Headlines

  • McCain Lays Out Energy Plan, Calls for Offshore Drilling (Boston Globe)
  • Blumenauer: Obama Meeting Was ‘Coming of Age Moment’ for Bike Advocates (Bike Portland)
  • Assembly Dems to Push for Windfall Profits Tax on Oil Companies (Newsday)
  • Short on Funds, MTA Expects Not to Go Forward With Service Enhancements (News)
  • News: Sander’s Raise Shows MTA Is ‘Tone-Deaf’
  • New York Metro Area Has America’s Worst Traffic Bottlenecks (NY1, Newsday)
  • NYPD Plans Ticket Blitz on Illegal Parking and Fake Placards Today (Post)
  • ‘South Bronx Initiative’ to Add Bus Service and Invest in Commercial Districts (News, Sun, Post)
  • Drivers Spurning Premium Grade Gas in Favor of Regular (NYT)
  • A Useful Wayfinding Poster You’ll Never See in the Subway (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Larry Littlefield

    The Village Voice is reporting bicycle sabotage on the Manhattan Bridge.

    But I go over that bridge every afternoon and have not seen anything.

  • Shemp

    Also Daily News item on Albany killing bus lane cameras – you need to go to 2nd page of editorials following the link on Sander’s raise above.

  • I don’t have numbers to prove my point, but switching to lower grade gas may not be the benefit that people think it is.

    The differential between regular grade and premium is, I believe, pretty much fixed, so the cost of premium has not risen as rapidly as regular. Most cars that require premium don’t start pinging with regular, the computer module automatically detunes the engine by lowering the compression ratio. That leads to the lowered performance and fuel economy mentioned in the article. It seems highly likely to me that the decrease in fuel economy is not offset by the price savings.

    But, more importantly, by choosing regular grade, people who drive vehicles that require premium are choosing to get worse fuel economy. That ain’t right.

  • LOL, yeah, the NYPD is going to ticket people using fake placards. I’m sure that’ll apply to NYPD personnel just like it will to everyone else. SURE.

  • Also, from the daily news article captioned “Short on Funds, MTA Expects Not to Go Forward With Service Enhancements”:

    “Assemblyman Richard Brodsky (D-Westchester) said the issue [of Elliot Sander’s recent pay raise] detracts attention from the more serious problem of the MTA’s massive budget gaps.”

    Go fuck yourself, Brodsky. You had a chance to address the budgetary issues and you decided it was more important for your constituents to be able to drive to work for free.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Damn right about Brodsky. The first thing the MTA should do to save money is shut down MetroNorth, save for shuttle trains to and from a few stations in Brodsky’s district. Those who are not “middle class” enough to drive to Manhattan can drive there and take the train in. The champions of the middle class can fight for their right to do so.

  • Here’s a guy who did the numbers, then decided to live near transit — in this case, an Amtrak station:;_ylt=AjIeEALXYhYZttJNguWrl9qAsnsA

    The takeaway point: Living far from transit, and driving to fill the gap, is a choice like any other choice.