Welcome to the Livable Streets Network

After months of hard work by the outstanding tech team at The Open Planning Project, here’s the new web site. We hope you like the new design and that you’ll find the new features useful. A quick tour:

LSN_login.jpgThe first thing you may want to do is sign up and become a member to take advantage of all the features of the Livable Streets Network. The log-in box is there in the upper right corner.

Contribute an article to StreetsWiki and help us build a comprehensive, community-created, online encyclopedia on sustainable transportation, urban planning, smart growth and the issues important to Livable Streets activists around the world.

Interested in starting up a Livable Streets project in your own neighborhood? Create a group and use our online tools to get organized, connect with other activists and find the resources you need. Or join an existing group and get involved with a project that’s already underway, like the Upper West Side Streets Renaissance in Manhattan.


Contribute photos, videos and notable web links to Streetsblog and Streetfilms and check out other people’s contributions as well.

Meet other members of the network and add to our growing list of Livable Streets blogs in cities around the world.

And, of course, please let us know if you find any bugs, glitches or typos. If you find something that doesn’t seem to be working as it should, send a report to tips@streetsblog.org or leave a note here in the comments section. We really appreciate your help in this.

So, go now and transform your city. We’ll be drinking cocktails on the deck for the rest of the day. See you tomorrow.

  • First! 😉

    Congratulations everyone, job well done.

  • Red

    Whoa, oddly slick. I don’t know if I like the design yet – but it looks like there’s a lot of great new functionality to the site.

  • Interesting. It’s much less… green than it used to be.

    (Color-wise, not figuratively speaking.)

  • brent

    The Create Account is totally misleading guys- it asks you to create a “username” and then a “Name (This is the name that others will see)” implying others will not see your “username”. It turns out others will see the username and I unknowingly used my real name. How do I cancel my account???

  • i’m lovin’ it. change is good.

  • Brent — Sorry for the confusion — we’ll work on clearing that up asap.

    Congratulations to Aaron, Clarence, everyone at TOPP, and Livable Streets advocates everywhere! Looking forward to what the Livable Streets Network will become.

  • I wanted to see my photo here. Hello everybody!

  • gecko

    Very nice!

  • Sock Puppet

    Oh, phew! Sock puppets can still post.

  • Nice job altogether! Just one minor remark: Is the comments section in a different time zone? I just posted a comment in a different thread, and the time stamp was off by an hour. Let’s see whether this’ll happen here, too. It is now 12:52am on June 12. I predict this comment will show up with a time stamp of 11:52pm on June 11.

  • Air

    Bad link:

    “Interested in starting up a Livable Streets project in your own neighborhood? Create a group and”

    Create a group returns an error.

    Great job guys!!

  • Air

    Oops – that could be read wrong. Great job on the site, not the error 😉

  • I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen when I click “Use my LivableStreets Login”. It directs me to a login page even when I’m already logged in.

    Congrats on the new slick design. Lots of gradients, the black-grey-blue color scheme is colder and darker. The look is more professional, remote busier yet easy to read and use. Looks like a lot of work went into it!

  • @Vroomfondel: Thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now.

    @Air: good catch — that link in in this post was actually incorrect (nice work, Naparstek!). Fixed now.

    @Laurence: Interesting… when you’re logged in, you shouldn’t see that link anymore. If you don’t mind, could you email the steps you took to help [at] livablestreets.com and we’ll help you figure it out?

    Thanks everyone for your feedback; keep it coming!

  • Spud Spudly

    Very nice.

  • Dave H.

    Am I blind or do you have no link to Streetsblog L.A. from the new site?

  • momos

    GREAT redesign, guys! Love the new look & the features facilitating networking with other streetsbloggers.

  • Spud Spudly

    FYI — the “share” box is expanded on all the blog entries in my browser, covering up what’s beneath them.

  • I’m seeing the same problem as spud.

  • Spud Spudly

    It’s gone now though, replaced by four little icons. Thanks.


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