Today’s Headlines

  • India, Malaysia Latest Asian Countries to Raise Fuel Prices (NYT)
  • Freight Rail Network Facing Its Own Congestion Woes (AP)
  • MTA to Explore Potential Revenues From Carbon-Trading Market (Newsday)
  • Elderly Queens Woman Struck and Killed on Boulevard of Death (News)
  • DOT Plans to Simplify Dangerous Downtown Brooklyn Intersection (Bklyn Paper)
  • David Gantt Under Fire for Lobbyist Ties (Democrat and Chronicle)
  • Melbourne Cyclists Push for Protected Bike Lanes (Bicycle Victoria)
  • Triborough Bridge to Be Renamed in Honor of RFK (Post)
  • Matthew Yglesias: Sadik-Khan for U.S. Transpo Secretary
  • A Snapshot of Manhattan Gas Prices (Bike Blog)
  • brent

    Yikes- check out comment 1 in,”Elderly Queens Woman Struck and Killed on Boulevard of Death”.

  • Thanks for posting the link to the Queens Boulevard crash, Ben. I’ve put up a blog entry with links to some photos of the intersection.

  • moocow

    I see why DOT wants to change the entrance to the Brooklyn, but that will only make Jay more of an idiot rodeo going towards the Manhattan Bridge. Drivers are aggressive and impatient enough with the volumes on Jay st now, can’t wait for more.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I get off Jay Street as soon as I can, and ride down Tech Place through Metrotech to Bridge and Hoyt on my way to Dean Street.

    That’s the way the bike route should go in my opinion. Jay Street has the most aggressive drivers around.

  • Brooklyn

    Moocow’s right. I’m disappointed that the Jay street approach to the Manhattan Bridge, already dicey with the BQE-bound off-ramp even off-peak, is now going to fill with drivers annoyed that they had to bypass the obvious Brooklyn bridge entrance to their left and drive 5-10 extra minutes into the DUMBO bowels.

  • Geck

    With no left turn off of Adams, that opens up the left most Northbound lane on Adams from Joralemon/Fulton to Tillary for a real protected two way bike path leading to and from the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Josh

    I live in that area of Brooklyn and I agree that the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge is a clusterfuck. However, I don’t think the change they’re proposing is particularly good. Routing traffic to make that left turn onto Jay Street is a bad idea; it’s a short green arrow under the best of conditions, and that’s assuming there aren’t westbound drivers approaching the Brooklyn Bridge blocking the intersection.

    The problem is (duh) that there is just too much car traffic in that whole area, from the exit off the westbound BQE near Tillary and Prince to the over to Cadman Plaza West, and from Sands Street down to Willoughby Street or so. Just another thing that congestion pricing could’ve been remedied (if you’ll forgive me for being a broken record).

    Getting back on point, I would’ve started by increasing crossing times significantly before making any change to the traffic pattern.

  • fdr

    Sadik Khan for US Transportation Secretary. Then she can change the rules and give federal grant money to NYC for congestion pricing without Albany approving it.

  • Ian Turner

    Actually, by my understanding, it’s not the federal government that introduced the requirement for state approval. It’s the state — that is, that according to state law, the legislature has to approve something like this.