DOT to Present Manhattan Bridge Plans to CB 3 Tonight

From Transportation Alternatives: 

Tonight the DOT will be presenting their plans for improved Manhattan Bridge bike access via the Chrystie Street bike lane to Community Board 3. This plan is going to involve the removal of parking along Chrystie Street, so it is anticipated that there will be resistance at the Community Board level.

It would be great to have supportive cyclists in the room. The details are as follows:

What: CB 3 Transportation Committee Meeting on Chrystie Street Bike Lane

When: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 6:30 PM

Where: Confucius Plaza, Community Room – 33 Bowery (at Bayard Street)

The Manhattan Bridge is the second busiest East River crossing for NYC cyclists. From 2005-2006 (most recent counts), the Manhattan Bridge saw a 90.3% increase in daily cycling trips (829-1,578). As the numbers of cyclists continue to grow, so will daily crossing over this vital connector between Manhattan & Brooklyn.

Chrystie Street is one of the most common routes for cyclists commuting to and from Brooklyn on the Manhattan Bridge. It is also a ‘through’ and ‘local’ truck route. (

According to the City’s Bicyclist Fatalities and Serious Injuries Report, 1996-2005, trucks are twice as deadly to cyclists as regular vehicles, even SUVs. The same study found that of all the fatalities between those years, only one occurred in a bike lane.

T.A.’s highlights the need for traffic calming and improved design on Chrystie Street as well.

A bike lane along Chrystie Street is a necessary safety measure for cyclists and for pedestrians. This plan will also involve many pedestrian treatments along this dangerous corridor. The number of people the bike and pedestrian improvements will serve far outweighs the number of people who will impacted by any loss in car parking.

  • why don’t they improve on the improvement they just did. The entrance/exit on the Manhattan side makes no sense.

  • JF

    Since this has no relation to congestion pricing, can we count on your support, ManhattanDowntowner?

  • Larry Littlefield

    I can assure you that parking removed for segregated bike paths on Chryste and Forstyhe will remain free.

  • juno, your caseworker

    shi-shi – if you have a suggested improved design that doesn’t require $millions, please share.

  • JF

    I meant, no direct relation to congestion pricing.

  • Geck

    Juno, I will take a stab at it (not that I am complaining too much). Something to keep the pedestrians out of the dedicated bike lanes (it pains me to suggest a fence), and continuing the curbside separated two-way path to the Bowery so riders to/from the south/west have reasonably direct access/egress to/from the bridge’s bike path.

  • Ian D

    Too bad there wasn’t more notice – I could have attended if I knew yesterday.

  • Hey Juno. Actually my solution would involve the cost of paint and removing the fence. I would first close off that block on Canal to traffic (yes, that means no right turn off of the MB or left turn from Chrystie Street). Then remove the fence and do street marking that let the cyclist go straight onto Chrystie or right on Canal with share the lane marking to the logical Allen Street connection.

    The space could be further developed or just left as is since the new median has become a favorite skate spot.

  • juno, your case worker

    i like your first idea, shishi 😉

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Why not a 3 lane road diet?

    You can let the shlubs keep their parking (so they won’t totally object to the project) and it would leave plenty of room for two bike-lanes. 3 lane road diets with a center left turn lane have about as much capacity if not more than a 4 lane road when left turns are allowed. Thats my 10 second analysis.


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