Today’s Headlines

  • My letter to various City Council members about the truck fine discounts:


    I am very concerned about this idea of permenantly discounting parking fines aimed at trucks that frequently, flagrantly and dangerously break the law. As a cyclist, pedestrian and bus rider I witness daily the dangers and inconvenience that illegally parked trucks pose to other users of the street. At the same time, I recognize that we need trucks to deliver the goods in our neighborhood grocery stores, restaurants and other shops.

    I hope that the council will consider ways to get to the root of the problem of double parked trucks – more access to curbside space for necessary delivery trucks that is currently dominated by private passenger automobiles.

    Instead of codifying the current dangerous and dysfunctional curbside allocation of space, I hope the city council will challenge the administration to develop a more rational approach to accommodating necessary delivery trucks that we all rely on for our daily shopping needs over the more narrow interest of private automobile owners that want an endless supply of cheap/free parking. I think there is an opportunity here for a real positive outcome for local retailers and local residents as well as the environment.


    I encourage everyone to reach out to their Councilmember on this issue. This isn’t just about reducing administrative burden – it’s a basic issue of a dysfunction allocation of curbside space.

  • Dan

    If the bike lanes on Vandy were to be separated, perhaps DOT could also do the same on Plaza street. If they did that, one could ride in physically separate bike lanes from the park all the way to Atlantic Avenue. Plaza street seems like an excellent candidate for a physically separated bike lane as well. It needs to be calmed and the sidewalk is very wide and very much underused.

  • The proponents of a separated bike path on Vanderbilt seem to suggest that an on-street lane provides little safety. In most cases I think calls for separated paths are unrealistic. In this case, however, I would urge DoT to blow its entire planned allocation of separated bike path mileage under the “Sustainable Streets” program on a connector route between Prospect Park and one of the lower East River crossings. Such a connector would create an unbroken separated bike path from the Manhattan Greenways to Coney Island, a huge advance in a “connected” bike network.

  • Safer

    Direct Link to Safer Streets on Vanderbilt Avenue petition:

  • O

    If people are going to make a stand for separated bike lanes, Vanderbilt is the wrong place to do it. It is a short stretch that will mostly be used by locals making frequent stops and not riding the full length of the lane. Making needless demands like this will only deafen the ears of the recipients and hurt more important efforts. How about a petition for separated lanes on Adams street instead?

  • BicyclesOnly: what about those dangerous few blocks between Prospect Park (at the awful circle at the SW corner) and the beginning of the Ocean Parkway greenway at Church Ave? Is there a secret off-street path I’m missing?

  • Mike, You’re absolutely right, I put those out of my memory since I hadn’t travelled them since last fall. That segment is a huge drag. Maybe if they put in the Park-to-Manhattan connector in, I propose there would be so much bicycle traffic on that segment it would engulf and calm all the cars zooming onto Ocean parkway :).

  • Mark Walker
  • Jhoanna Robledo has four options for car-free summer rentals:

    I’m sure there’s plenty cheaper out there, but it’s nice to see some counterweight to the received wisdom that “you need a car” to get out of the city.

    (Full disclosure: Audrey and Jeff Cuiule in Woodstock are customers of my stepfather.)