Silver Challenger Paul Newell Campaigns on Livable Streets

In what may be a political first, Paul Newell, who is challenging Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in the 64th District, mentions "livable streets" as one of his three major planks in this campaign clip. Newell and Luke Henry, another Silver challenger, have both voiced support for congestion pricing. The last time Silver faced a challenger in the Democratic primary was 1986.

Streetsblog spoke to Newell yesterday about what motivated him to run against Silver, his stance on transportation issues, and his advice for anyone pondering a run against an Albany incumbent this election cycle. Highlights from the interview are on the way soon.

In the meantime, we grabbed Newell’s transportation bullet points from his website — posted after the jump.

As your assemblyman I will fight for:

  • Sound Congestion reduction policies, including pricing.

  • Full funding for MTA capital improvements including the 2nd Avenue Subway

  • Put our transportation, quality of life and public health concerns at the top of New York’s agenda.

  • state authorize the city to issue residential parking permits.

  • Institute Bus Rapid Transit lanes on major Manhattan bus routes

  • Mark Walker

    Don’t forget to give information on how to make campaign contributions! I want to put some of my hard-earned dollars to work against Silver.

  • Josh

    I wish I could afford to live in that district so I could vote for Newell. I’m not sure if anyone can really accomplish those goals, but at least he has the right goals.

  • Josh – actually Silver represents some of the poorest New Yorkers in the city, but their rents are way below what newcomers pay since they live in rent controlled, Michell-Lama or NYCHA housing.

  • Ben – Thanks for the post. Creating livable streets mean rethinking urban priorities. That means discouraging driving and encouraging public transportation, bicycling and walking (I’m a cycle-commuter myself – it’s the best way to get around downtown).

    Mark – Thank you: Without Silver’s access to millions in special interest money we need your help.

    Josh – Move downtown. We need you.

    Glenn – Very true. Lower Manhattan is very divers economically as well as ethnically. Sheldon Silver’s been blocking affordable housing downtown for decades. For more on my Housing policy:

    Paul Newell
    Democrat for Assembly
    64th District

  • Mark Walker

    I just wrote the check, my first-ever political campaign contribution, and I feel great about it.

  • uSkyscraper

    Love the mention of BRT but do consider getting new buses and not just operating changes. No reason why MTA should continue to buy buses with only two doors (regular) or three doors (extended). Added up stop by stop (included missed lights), the time wasted loading/unloading these sardine canes is unbelievable. MTA should be looking to Denver for future orders:

    Can you imagine the time savings with Proof of Payment and loading/unloading at four sets of doors?

  • uSkyscraper

    Wait, I stand corrected. Even the extended MTA buses currently have two doors. Insanity.

  • Competitive Primaries

    also just gave in my contribution! thanks for identifying Paul to us Streetblog!

  • Josh

    Paul – Find me an apartment I can afford and I’ll move there. 🙂

    Unfortunately, as Glenn points out, the rents available to new tenants who are (as far as I’m aware) not eligible for Mitchell-Lama or NYCHA housing and not finding a rent-controlled apartment are pretty well out of my price range.

  • I gave too–best of luck Paul! I hope to be hearing a lot more about your campaign!

  • Gargamel Tralfaz

    This is gonna be an exciting election season. Even if some candidates can get an appreciable amount of vote percentage it would send a message and be well worth the donations.

    I am encouraging friends to send $$$ to anyone wanting to run on these kinds of platforms. Good luck.

  • No offense to Paul since I’m sure the two videos are extremely low budget and self made, but perhaps Clarence and the streetsfilm crew could help him add some flair to his YouTube ads, like a little music and some b-roll illustrating what he’s talking.

  • Felix

    Wait, you’re kidding, I hope. Do you mean to tell us there are 2 candidates that will be splitting the anti-Silver vote?

    Can’t these two make some sort of pact and have one of them step down?

  • Mark Walker (formerly Mark)

    I looked at both of their websites before deciding to contribute to Newell. Henry has a creditable record as an activist, but Newell is more of a heavy hitter — he’s a pledged delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. If you’re gunning for Shelly, you’d better have some credentials.

  • steve

    best of luck paul,
    i no longer live on the les, but can say that residents of the district, as well as residents of te city & state, deserve much better than the corrupt shelly silver

  • Randall

    Silver saved my home.

    In 2002, when Pataki was threateding to tear down my WTC-area apartment house in order to build housing (really!), Silver reached out and successfully confronted this ridiculous proposal. I am eternally grateful.


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