Today’s Headlines

  • Paterson Panel to Examine MTA Finances (NYT, Post, Sun)
  • Russianoff on What Can Be Done Instead of Pricing (NYT)
  • Komanoff’s 10 Reasons Pricing Failed — And Brodsky’s Reply (Gristmill)
  • Bloomberg on Silver: "That’s Not Leadership" (City Room)
  • Post: "Blame Mike, Not Shelly"; Juan Gonzalez: "Silver Is a Hero"
  • The Speaker Takes Care of His Own (News)
  • Defeat Provokes Questions About Carbon Taxing Strategy (Carbon Tax Blog)
  • If Drivers Don’t Pay Congestion Fee, At Least Charge SUVs Higher Tolls (NYT)
  • City Council Accuses MTA of Neglecting G Riders (AMNY)
  • Community Liaison for Atlantic Yards Is a No-Show (News)
  • mike
  • Spud Spudly

    Sorry Mike, apparently Streetsblog considers the illegal parking and driving habits of public officials fair game unless they happen to be MTA honchos or Jeanette Sadik-Khan.

    How about this for SUVs: Jack up the state registration fee through the roof and change whatever standards are used and classify them as commercial vehicles, which then can’t park on city streets overnight or use certain roadways. I’m not even sure if that’s possible, but it’s a thought. And how about a vehicle registration fee for all vehicles that is directly proportional to the amount of pollution they create per mile?

  • JF

    Thanks, Mike! Awesome, the NYPD are ticketing their own!

  • Car Free Nation

    Turns out Brodsky’s house is right near the Thruway. I wonder how he’d like it if people drove through his neighborhood on the way out of town (and perhaps through out a wad of crumpled paper, like his neighbors do in my neighborhood) — Not that I’m advocating this as a form of protest or anything…

    Look how convenient it is for anyone driving, and I don’t think you pay a toll to drive on his street:,+10607-2210&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=64.241198,96.152344&ie=UTF8&ll=41.051136,-73.830013&spn=0.060973,0.093899&z=13

  • Spud Spudly

    Whoops, my mistake. I thought Mike linked to something else. Carry on…..

  • Eric

    “Silver a hero?” How about “the worst person in the world.”

  • mike

    I love how there is an argument that the plan “eviscerated SEQRA”.

    Do drivers have to submit themselves to this review? Maybe Brodsky can propose and spearhead a full review of the current system and congestion meets environmental review. Maybe then Albany will decide that driving into the city is regressive, there are too many open ended questions, and the tactics of drivers are often ‘heavy handed’.

    I’m sorry NYC. This was a moment to shine…