Today’s Headlines

  • Larry Littlefield

    (The big dragon-slayer could be Assembly Speaker Shelly (West Side Stadium killer) Silver.)

    Silver understands the broader financial context. And after this election, if the Republicans lose the State Senate, he may be the only one of the big three to sold out our future for 15 years still in office.

    Vote CP in and people might be placated. Vote it down and the response to future fare increases, service cuts, service deterioration due to a diminished rate of improvements, deferred (really cancelled) major projects in the city while such projects continue for the suburbs, might finally be proportionate to the harm.

  • JF

    Judge Herbert Kramer, the Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge leading the effort, did not respond to two requests for comment.

    Did you know these guys are elected? Maybe someone running against Kramer next time would actually have a chance of winning.

    And sorry, Lew, I don’t buy the security argument. In a borough where 57% of households don’t own a car and less than a quarter of commuters drive to work, the fact that all these judges drive to work is bizarre. Does that mean that the party bosses won’t consider appointing nominating a judge who doesn’t own a car? What if a judge who didn’t drive were elected? Would that judge then get an armed escort on the subway?

  • Hilary

    These judges should not be allowed to walk to any restaurant for lunch. It would be too dangerous!

  • “Planning for the First Tour de Queens Underway”

    Although the reporter could have put it nicer, and I don’t actually remember the conversation he’s referring to about the Union Turnpike/Kew Gardens station, the article does give a nice mention for our meetings and we are short in folks east of Jackson Heights, this is true. A group can only represent it’s members, so any Eastern Queens folks out there, come to our next TA Queens Committee meeting April 14th at the GAHS 35-20 Broadway 4th Floor, starting at 6:30p.