Temporary Chicanes Calm Mr. Eckerson’s Neighborhood

Clarence Eckerson, Jr., shows how the alternate side dance can slow traffic.

On alternate side of the street parking days, many communities in
Brooklyn have worked out a deal so car owners are allowed to double
park without impunity so the streets can get their weekly brushing.
(Okay, let’s not touch that argument today.) During the interim
switchover when drivers are relocating their cars – usually lasting
about 15 to 20 minutes – chicanes are temporarily created, which
delightfully slow car speeds to more human levels.


Streetfilm: The Diverter

 From Streetfilms’ animation division comes the third installment of traffic-calming shorts from Elizabeth Press. First she brought you chicanes, then the raised crosswalk. Now comes the diverter, which Elizabeth explains like so: Diagonal diverters, half closures, entrance barriers, median barriers, semi-diverters; traffic calming techniques come in all shapes and sizes. They can help create more […]

Traffic Calming Animation of the Day: The Chicane

In the shortest, sweetest Streetfilm ever, a 24-second stop-motion animation, Elizabeth Press perfectly illustrates a chicane which is a sequence of bump-outs that force drivers to slow down and drive a more circuitous route along a straight, wide street. An added side benefit, chicanes also create more sidewalk space to be used for benches, tables, […]