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  • Larry Littlefield

    “She told committees over and over and over again that we didn’t need the money…I just think that goes to the point of whether the type of leadership that is necessary has been delivered.”

    People who tell the truth do not get appointed to such positions or boards.

    If Eliot Sander were not going to profusely thank the Governor and State Legislature for allowing the MTA to borrow half the money it will need to keep the transit system from collapse, and say that it was all that was required, he wouldn’t have the job.

    Don’t ever believe what the politicians say about the “unaccountable” MTA.

  • ddartley

    I only noticed this week that “Weekly Carnage” is gone, and has been for a while.

    I remember you guys asked readers (twice, I think) if you should keep it or not.

    I’m sure you had your reasons (one of which I know was staff), but I found it to be a very motivating and, actually, educating feature.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I also miss the carnage. Since the editors asked and the readers said they wanted it, I can only assume that it is gone because it took too much work.

    Perhaps it could come back as an open thread, with links submitted by readers.

  • i also asked about the weekly carnage missing since the new year. i think it was the only place where the true scope of the destruction of lives by automobile. the newspapers wont cover it, i am sure it has to do with advertising, i also notice when there are vehicle fires, they make and models are rarely reported, there are silent recalls for these things. i assume the car manufacturers sellers do not want a way for anyone to track the incidents of 2007 model x vehicle fires across the country. All the new vehicles have fuel injectors, which have gas under high pressure. much more volatile than the old carburated systems.
    the amount of staff time to organize the weekly carnage i am sure am great, maybe a wiki type submission could be developed.
    other wise like the war in Iraq and the weekly body count, it will be quietly swept under the rug. Speaking of the war in iraq and sweeping under the rug; during Vietnam there was nightly footage of the war, back in a time when the cameras were huge and the batteries were weak, now coincidentally there is nothing.
    this has similarity to the 40,000 dead a year by motor vehicle, do not report on it and people will not protest and try and fix it.

  • metro north operations says congestion pricing and how it will affect the already packed morning rush hour trains is very far away from reality , hence they have no real plan to accommodates it.
    metro-north also believes that the huge developments proposed in Yonkers within walking distance to two train station, 6000 residential units, they figure that 5 % of these people will take the train. These are proposed high end condo’s.
    when i asked how many people a normal metro-north train or car transports, they cant give a number, each one is different.
    metro-north is very crowded today, unlike the subways the price is very expensive, $15 vs $4 for a rt on a 15 mile ride.

  • Brodsky must be desperate if he is proposing a plan that will obviously be strongly opposed by an entire industry.

    Quoted from the article in the Sun:
    The managing director of the League of Mutual Taxi Owners, Vincent Sapone, said the taxi fee proposal would cause “thousands of people” to lose their jobs. “Is he out of his mind?” Mr. Sapone said. “You’re talking about a $2 billion industry that he’ll destroy.”

  • Bloomberg supports a carbon tax shift: he says explicitly that income taxes will also be lowered.

    Nader’s twelve points mention a carbon tax but do not say anything about balancing it by lowering income taxes – a position that is a sure loser politically.

    Does Nader actually back a carbon tax shift, or just an added carbon tax?

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    metro-north also believes that the huge developments proposed in Yonkers within walking distance to two train station, 6000 residential units, they figure that 5 % of these people will take the train. These are proposed high end condo’s.

    Thanks for keeping on top of this, Galvo. Please keep the updates coming.

  • Spud Spudly

    Newspapers don’t report on “the destruction of lives by automobile,” yet the Weekly Carnage that is the only place to see “the true scope” of this horror consists entirely of online news reports. Oh, the irony.

  • Yes, it was a poor choice of words, but you know what Galvo meant.

  • jmc

    To expect newspapers to count anything nowadays is a little optimistic and naive. They’re just propaganda rags, the “quasi-enlightened” NYTimes included.

    They don’t ever include calculations in their occasional “hydrogen car” articles.

    They don’t compare the power that could be produced by whatever silly alternative energy technology they’re showcasing (usually it maxes out at 50 MW compared to a standard 600-1000 MW plant).

    They don’t count the Iraq war dead (1 million plus!), they just use whatever silly statistic the military spoon feeds them.

    And of course they don’t count the dead in car accidents.

  • Spud Spudly

    (Sorry if this turns out to be a duplicate post)

    I was busting balls. But if you want to start your own Weekly Carnage here’s a good place to start:,0,5210574.photogallery

    An online photo gallery of Long Island car accidents with detailed captions.

  • Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader;
    dare speak truth,
    demand peace.

    Honesty compassion intelligence guts –