Today’s Headlines

  • Moynihan Station Costs Rise; Downtowners Want Full Fulton Center (Post, Metro)
  • Dealers Use Queens Streets as Car Lots (News
  • Man Fatally Struck by Taxi and Bus in Midtown; No Charges Filed (Post, AMNY)
  • SUV Driver Runs Over Man After Drunken Argument (Gothamist)
  • Tipster Assaulted by Illegally Parked ‘Police Officer’ (Uncivil Servants)
  • Bloomberg: Climate Change ‘Just as Lethal’ as Terrorism (Post
  • State Historic Agency Delays BQE Bridge Demolition (News
  • Corzine Takes Toll Plan Across Gridlocked Jersey (NYT)
  • Carmakers Clamor to Add Driver Distractions (NYT)
  • 3′-By-4′ Plot Of Green Space Rejuvenates Neighborhood (Onion)
  • Clarification please

    If a driver is in the car, is it considered “parking” or “standing?” Does the motor have to be running? I don’t fault the photographer on Uncivil Servants, but just want to know the actual law. Thanks.

  • Jonathan

    The answer is here: A NO PARKING sign means you may stop only temporarily to load or unload merchandise or passengers.

    A NO STANDING sign means you may stop only temporarily to load or unload passengers.

    A NO STOPPING sign means you may stop only in order to obey a traffic sign, signal or officer, or to avoid conflicts with other vehicles.

    So in the uncivilservants pic, the driver could have been stopped to unload merchandise. I have been sitting in my car, with the transmission in “Park,” in a no-standing zone, while the traffic bunny hopped by, and did not receive a ticket, while the car to the right of me (whose driver came late) was ticketed and the car to the left of me was towed.

    Thanks for linking to the Times article on driver distractions, Brad. After reading the Nardelli quote in the article:

    “I think a vehicle today has to be your most favorite room under your roof,” Mr. Nardelli said last October at a magazine publishers’ conference. “It has to bring you gratification; it has to be tranquil. It’s incidental that it gets you from Point A to Point B, right?”

    I’d like to see him debate this with JSK, who’s been quoted as correlating city streets with living rooms. Somehow I don’t think the two concepts really go together.

  • Or the driver could have parked there. NYPD placards give officers the legal right to park under all signs stating No Parking. As far as I know, the placards do not permit parking on all No Stopping and certain No Standing signs (there are exceptions to the last one). Another interesting fact that I don’t think a lot of drivers know is that everyone has the legal right to park on a fire hydrant, so long as a licensed driver is present in the vehicle. However, the cop’s attitude is totally untolerable.

    Oh read the Onion story, I love it! 😀

  • Josh

    Regarding the Fulton Street project… honestly, I don’t care if there’s a massive glass dome that lets natural light down to the platforms, to me it’s more important that they just move it along already. And if I had to choose between the dome and the proposed JFK rail link, I’d choose the rail link for sure.

  • Eric

    More great journalism from the Post. Their story on the death of Harvey Katz focuses on the relationship between Oprah and the woman to whom Katz was delivering candy:

    Winfrey and King have been friends for more than 30 years and have formed such a close bond that the talk-show queen felt compelled to deny rumors they were gay in an August 2006 interview….

    Oh, yeah, and some guy got run over by a cab and a bus, too.

  • lower manhattan

    Someone please explain why the A train can’t become the JFK link with some (largely cosmetic) modifications.

    Other than the stub to Howard Beach, has any other construction on the rail link actually been done?

  • Jeffrey Hyman

    If I had to choose between a dome over the Fulton Street hub and the proposed JFK rail link, I too would choose the rail link for sure … at least if it had a stop in downtown Brooklyn. But why do we always have to settle? Seems like other countries/municipalities build great civic structures.

    Michael1, most NYPD placards are only valid in the self-enforcement zones near where the officer is assigned. The plaques are honored all over, but … well, you get what I’m saying.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “But why do we always have to settle?”

    Because when the economy is up NY State and NYC borrow to reward powerful interest groups, and no one complains because the money hasn’t come out of their pockets yet, while announcing plans. When the economy turns down, plans fail to materialize due to “circumstances beyond our control” as “realism” sets in.

  • Josh

    Lower Manhattan, I don’t know why it couldn’t, but I don’t think that’s what people have in mind when they’re talking about a JFK rail link. Even at times of day when the A is running express through Brooklyn, you’ve got 14 stops plus the added distance from Howard Beach to the airport. It’s easily a 40-45 minute trip. What people have in mind (or, at least, what I have in mind, and I suppose it’s possible that this could be a misconception) is something like the Heathrow Express, which provides service directly from Heathrow to a hub in central London (in addition to an existing Underground line that also serves Heathrow but makes local stops but takes about twice as long).

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    On a per ass in the seat basis the JFK Rail Link is the worst possible use of transit capital funds. It is an absolutely ridiculous project, the air train to the A works fine. The other day Bloomberg cited the Shanhai maglev from the airport as a reason why we need to build this boondoggle. Port Authority just spent more than a billion building the “air train” to shuttle passengers to Howard Beach, Jamaica and Long Term parking at JFK. What sort of passenger collector is envisioned for this. The air train was built with PA Passenger Facility Surcharge funds, how is this other thing to be paid for with an MTA strapped for capital and a construction market entirely saturated with big projects for Building Tradesmen and women.


  • lower manhattan

    I wasn’t thinking of leaving the A as it is. Are there enough tracks to run a super-express, maybe non-stop to lower Manhattan? Use fancy cars. Put a conductor in a monkey suit inside. Serve martinis. I just can’t fathom why you’d need an independent track and line.

  • Josh

    That AirTrain shit cost a billion dollars? With due credit to John McEnroe, you can’t be serious.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    I think more.

    I always pushed a LIRR connection along the dormant Rockaway Branch of the LIRR,the “A” runs along the lower half of that right of way. That put JFK about a twenty minutes out of midtown. This thing is clearly a downtown real estate subsidy. And it would have integrated an airport connection with the large mass transit system. Water under the bridge.

    Anyway, the Port Authority insisted on a system that was entirely financially and operationally segregated from the MTA. That is a hurdle the JFK link won’t be able to jump either. Other systems have sought to integrate their components, we apparently, insist on sailing against the wind.

    Anyway, that Bloomberg would continue to flog the JFK link as the critical congestion pricing plan is going down the drain just shows what a tin ear he has for city politics. Just who is the constituency for the JFK link? Apparently, Schumer and Bloomberg, but who else?

  • jmc

    Regarding dealers using the street as a storage lot, have you guys had any experience with auto body shops leaving wrecked cars in on-street parking spaces as storage? I’ve noticed by the strip of auto body shops on Eastchester Road in the Bronx that every fourth car seems to be wrecked!

  • JFK Rail Link

    #9, #11
    Guess you’ve never heard of the “Train to the Plane”
    Discontinued because of low ridership. And it only took you to Howard Beach, where you’d still have to get on a bus.

    JFK Rail Link, btw, would essentially entail extending the AirTrain system along LIRR’s Atlantic Branch (with the same LIRR stops in brooklyn). From Atlantic Terminal, it continue into Lower Manhattan via a new tunnel. Yeah, good luck w/ that!

    “On a per ass in the seat basis the JFK Rail Link is the worst possible use of transit capital funds”

    Niccolo, that quote is priceless!

  • JF

    Jmc, the dealers (that’s car dealers) in my neighborhood use the skimpy sidewalks on deadly Northern Boulevard as storage lots. To my mind, that’s much worse than using parking spaces, but that’s apparently not the News‘s perspective.

  • Rob

    I saw Mr. Katz get hit. I know cbs and nbc have video of his bloody body lying in the street as well. I think they should air this video and other graphic video. People should be confronted with what car culture has brought.