Today’s Headlines

  • City Will Appeal Pedicab Ruling (City Room)
  • Quinn Briefly Encounters Protesters (Villager
  • Pier 40 Plan Opposed by West Village Residents (TRE, Villager)
  • Assemblyman: Checking Traffic Data While Driving Is Unsafe (Post)
  • Unused Verrazano Toll Booths to Be Removed in 2014 (Bklyn Paper)
  • Valet Bike Parking Could Have Fringe Benefits (Bike Snob)
  • Bike Sharing Considered for Philadelphia (Inquirer)
  • British Columbia Unveils $14 Billion Transit Plan (Globe-Mail
  • China Getting Dangerous for Pedestrians and Cyclists (TSC via Planetizen
  • Where Do Presidential Candidates Stand on Transportation? (MTR
  • Bush, US Bow to ‘Petro-Islam’ (Newsweek
  • Larry Littlefield

    There are those who are only now grudging admitting that our fossil fuel dependence could destroy the planet, after years of pandering to everyone seeking to enjoy the opulence of cheap fuel.

    But you think even they would have worried about the effect of energy dependence on our economy and national security.

    All that has to happen is for a recession to reduce demand while low-cost producers turn on the tap, and the price of oil will plunge as fast as it soared. And then, if we let it happen again, all those who chose to conserve fuel will once again look like losers and fools, and all those who invested in alternative energy sources will lose money.

    And yet, every time the price of oil goes up, Democrats (Schumer especially) “fight for the people” by accusing the oil companies of gouging, while Republicans “fight for the people” by demanding cuts in the gasoline tax (and thus less money for infrastructure) and environmental regulation rollbacks.

    After all high oil prices and energy taxes are regressive, as they high hard working middle-class Americans who drive Hummers and live in McMansions harder than out-of-touch billionaries who ride in private planes.


  • Hilary

    “The state Department of Transportation has lined roadways with cameras that allow drivers to check on real-time traffic on the Internet at”

    So the State is fine with cameras for this, but won’t allow the city to use them to monitor SPEED? I have asked several assemblymen what the rationale is behind the legislature’s refusal to allow this, and none could say. Anyone else know?

  • carfreenation

    Does this mean we’ll never have two-way tools on the Veranzano, and my downtown brooklyn neighborhood will be choking on fumes in the morning from now on?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Thats what it looks like carfree. This is an especially horrible looking development. All of the politicians are taking credit, mostly in Staten Island for keeping one-way tolls. The message hasn’t gotten out to the public about what a dumb-ass policy this is. Apparently the “Brooklyn Paper” hasn’t figured out that this is an enormous incentive for truck traffic to ply the Brooklyn streets. Accordingly, the simple minds in State Island haven’t figured out that they have become an off-ramp for Jersey truckers. They are obsessed with blaming the repair of the Verrezano Bridge and the toll booths for the huge backups approaching the bridge. Meanwhile almost two full lanes are being taken by trucks. Time for some politician to point out the Emperor’s new clothes.

  • ddartley

    I totally oppose Quinn on the pedicab issue, but pedicab drivers and whoever else is doing were foolish to bring up, and even more foolish to continue to stick to casting personal aspersions about whatever Quinn’s relationship is or isn’t with Emily Giske.

    The pedicab side has good, sensible, winning arguments on their side; they don’t need to get personal like this; they have little to back up their insinuations, and already, by addressing these aspersions publicly, Quinn managed to come out looking like the good guy whom was unfairly villified.

    Pro-pedicab activists, stick to policy, not personal stuff.

  • Josh

    I’m not trying to be an ass here, I’m genuinely confused – what’s the problem with what they’re doing on the Verrazano Bridge?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Works like this Josh, the one way tolls on VZ are a perverse incentive to Jersey truckers to run across SI into Brooklyn and Queens and out through Canal street in the City. Two way tolls remove that perversion.

  • Hilary

    I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that removing toll plazas dooms future tolling. Aren’t toll plazas obsolete?

  • Ian D

    West Village May Prefer Pier 40 Parking to Park

    That Observer article is SO TOTALLY WRONG!

    They are backing a plan by a giant corporation to drop a $700 million entertainment complex into the park – that’s removing the park from the neighborhood, not saving it!

    Their plan includes over 10,000 vehicle crossings of the Hudson River Greenway every day! They are going to have FOUR LANES of cars entering and FOUR LANES of cars exiting!! Aren’t we talking about reducing fatalities on that bike path? Do you think 8 lanes of cars with >10,000 daily crossings is a good first step?

    That article makes me wildly upset and is clearly part of Related’s corporate PR strategy. What it leaves out is that a coalition of parents have banded together to suggest how the athletic fields and park nature can be preserved and defend against this corporate-park-land-grab.

    For the real (real-long) story of how this has all developed, start with the Villager’s latest coverage, Partnership proposes conservancy for Pier 40 and compare that picture to the view half way down here.

    Both plans include parking – it’s just that one plan includes a $626 million entertainment complex. Guess which plan is neighborhood-oriented?

  • Brad Aaron

    Thanks for the context, Ian. I’ve retooled the headline to include the Villager story.