Is the Mayor Reading Streetsblog on His Bloomberg Terminal?

Cities won’t wait for national governments to solve their pressing problems, argues Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City in this week’s Economist:

In developing the climate-change strategies that underpin PlanNYC, we drew on the experiences of Berlin for our renewable-energy and green-roof policies; Hong Kong, Shanghai and Delhi for our innovative transit improvements; Copenhagen for our pedestrian and cycling upgrades; Chicago and Los Angeles for our plan to plant 1m more trees; Amsterdam and Tokyo for our transit-oriented development policies; and Bogotá for our plans for Bus Rapid Transit.

  • fdr

    Bloomberg doesn’t have to read Streetsblog. His DOT appointees from Sadik-Khan on down – Schaller, Orcutt, Wiley-Schwartz – are reading it, if not writing for it.

  • worst practice

    Mayor Mike left out:

    “…we looked to Lagos for our traffic enforcement strategies, Kiev for our government employee parking program, Port-a-Prince for our street construction management and Talladega for our holiday gridlock plan.”

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    ROFL, #2! So you read that New Yorker article on Lagos too?

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    we drew on the experiences of … Shanghai for our innovative transit improvements

    I had no idea that the government was spending over $200 billion to build eleven new rail lines over 20 years.

    I’m sorry, but with the sluggish pace of transit improvements and the shamefully limited expectations for transit set forth in PlaNYC2030, I just can’t get as excited about the future as Bloomberg seems to be. When I think that by the time I’m 58 the city’s highest hope is to have one new subway line, five non-separated “BRT” lines, two river tunnels put into use and a bunch of minor commuter rail improvements, it just makes me sad.

    Does anyone know what Shanghai transit improvements he’s talking about?

  • MD

    I’m excited about a lot of what’s happening, but when I look at the time line, I feel as Angus does. My kids will be grownups before the cars are out of Prospect Park and our neighborhood streets are safe enough for them to cross alone.

  • ddartley

    Hey, Mayor:

    It’s much better for the environment to SAVE EXISTING TREES than to plant new ones. Tell your Parks guy.

  • I don’t know if he’s reading streetsblog or not, but he’s making the right decisions. If you feel this way too, then I hope you will be supporting him for an independent run for President.

  • Join the growing effort to Draft Mike Bloomberg for President


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