$115 $230 Summons for NASCAR Driver #19 Elliott Sadler

Apparently parallel parking doesn’t count for much in the NASCAR leader standings. Or maybe it does and that’s why Elliott Sadler, the driver of car #19, angle-parked across the Sixth Avenue bike lane in Midtown this morning, is currently ranked 25th. (ADD: I just noticed that Elliott is also parked in front of a fire hydrant).

The NYPD can go ahead and walk the $115 $230 summons over to Elliott’s sponsor, Citi Group, on Park and 54th. He’s won $3,972,990 this year so he’s probably not going to fight it. Oh, wait: The NYPD is too busy detaining, harassing and scaring the crap out of bike commuters to do traffic enforcement during "Gridlock Alert" season. Almost forgot. 

Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director Noah Budnick waxes philosophical over the whole thing:

What does it mean to promote an event that glorifies and promotes (dangerous) driving on city streets at a time of year when the City is actively trying to discourage driving?

Photo: Paul Steely White

  • mike

    Make that $230 — he’s also parked in front of a hydrant.

  • Wow, I had to read this, like, 8 times before it stopped saying “Elliot Sander”

  • brent

    I don’t know how active the city is in “discouraging driving” this holiday season. Its more like hollow gestures to discourage driving. Just go a few blocks up from where this pic was shot to 6th near Radio City Music Hall. The sidewalk is MOBBED. There are hundreds upon hundreds of pedestrians crammed onto the sidewalk. Yet parked (and double parked) next to the sidewalk are a dozen or so cars making a nice posh and roomy density for motorists. There are barricades to stop people from walking onto the street. There is a huge presence of traffic cops, but are they there to slow down the cars or enforce speeding or running red lights? Nope- they are there to make sure pedestrians don’t escape from the cages when the cars have the light. It boils down to the obvious fact that they are there to make sure the tourists don’t interrupt the smooth flow of vehicle traffic. Would it ever occur to anyone to close down a lane or two on 5th and 6th to cars during the holiday season for pedestrians to use? Just think of much the increased foot traffic would help the Gap and H&M.

  • Steve

    further proof that NASCAR is of and for douchebags.

  • Steve (not #4)

    Yeah, I read Lee Sander too! As for the City discoutaging driving, have to give JSK and DoT credit for NOT implementing holiday traffic mitigation in Central Park. I see no evidence that car-free hours on the CP Loop have been or will be lifted–in contrast to last year, when they were lifted from mid-Nov. through early Jan. Check your 2007 NYC bike map, which announces the change which apparently will not be implemented.

  • #19 ROCKS

    Elliott Sadler is nowhere near New York this week – and besides, this car predates him, this is Jeremy Mayfield’s car, so blame it on him!!

  • Ah, hah. I think I see what you’re saying. This is an old red Dodge #19 that belonged to Mayfield. Sadler is driving a different red Dodge #19 these days. I guess it’s obvious now that I’m not a big NASCAR fan.

  • Eric

    Yeah, New York won’t really have made it into the top echelon of world cities until we get our NASCAR track. I guess no one at City Hall saw the stories this week about NASCAR TV ratings declning for the first time in 10 years.

    Parading these cars through NYC in the middle of Gridlock Hell Week is just one more example of City Hall’s schizophrenia. PlaNYC vs. paving a Bronx park for Yankee Stadium. Congestion pricing vs. Atlantic Yards. For every good action, it seems they’re compelled to promote an equal and opposite boneheaded action.

  • Lori

    Just saw this… It’s no wonder a lot of NASCAR folks want to move the banquet to Las Vegas. Out there the people aren’t ill-tempered, rude, judgemental, and just plain mean. So you want to lump NASCAR fans into one big blob and call them “douchebags?” Do you think you are somehow better than they are? On the whole, NASCAR fans are a friendly, if rowdy, bunch of people. FRIENDLY being the operative word here. Tell me what your hobbies are and let me judge them for you and call you names.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    It’s no wonder a lot of NASCAR folks want to move the banquet to Las Vegas. Out there the people aren’t ill-tempered, rude, judgemental, and just plain mean.

    I’m not defending Steve, and I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’ve been to Albuquerque, Denver, Phoenix and Flagstaff, and the people were just as ill-tempered, judgmental and mean as people in New York.

    Sure, some of them covered it up with a thin veneer of politeness, but honestly that didn’t help any. I’d rather be called a douchebag to my face than get screwed over with a smile by someone who’s calling me a douchebag in their head.

  • Davis

    On the whole, Lori, the Romans who piled into the Coliseum to watch Christians get eaten by lions were also a “friendly, if rowdy bunch of people.”

    These days we view the entertainment that these friendly, hard working, middle class Roman folks enjoyed as barbaric, freakish and the last gasps of a once-great world dominating culture.

    I suspect future generations of Americans will see NASCAR similarly: A lead-fueled, foreign oil-burning, air-fouling, car worshipping, death circus wrapped in cartoonish corporate logos — the last gasps of a once dominant American car culture that just doesn’t make sense anymore and can’t really support itself financially or ideologically.

  • i hope you don’t really think he parked that car lmao


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