Today’s Headlines

  • Straphangers Unload on ‘Stone-Faced’ MTA Officials (Post, AMNY, Metro)
  • Quinn, Liu Come Out Against Fare Increase (News, Sun)
  • Russianoff: Spitzer ‘Should Do Better’ Than Pataki (Metro)
  • Staten Island Lawmakers May Sue MTA Over Verrazano Congestion (NY1)
  • Slow Bus Still Faster Than Walking, at Least in Light Traffic (News)
  • India Could Be a Leader in Cheap Cars and Cheap Transit (NYT)
  • Do Experts Know Anything About Oil Prices? (Gristmill)
  • In the Autonomous Car, Not Even Your Foot Will Get Exercise (Transit Miami)
  • Larry Littlefield

    “You know, Gov. Spitzer should do better than Gov. Pataki.”

    So he should go along with a big pension enhancement, cut fares with discounts, divert even more taxpayer funds away from transportation, and borrow even more?

    Where is Russianoff moving when the MTA goes bankrupt? And if he wants to cancel the Second Avenue Subway and East Side Access, and use the borrowed money for operating costs, he should say so.

  • bicyclebelle
  • Niccolo Macchiaveli

    The fare hearings are always an opportunity for a good venting of class resentment. Historically, the representatives of the commuters have been able to parlay fare increases (largely inevitable) into service expansions and other institutional promises and committments. Hopefully, some of that will be forthcoming in the next (when is the only issue) round of increases.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    So what should India do? It should leapfrog us, not copy us. Just as India went from no phones to 250 million cellphones — skipping costly land lines and ending up with, in many ways, a better and cheaper phone system than we have — it should try the same with mass transit.

    Hey, that guy’s got an interesting take on development and transportation; maybe he should write a – WTF? Tom Friedman wrote that?! I read it this morning and I’m still in shock that he wrote something that’s actually sensible.