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  • Larry Littlefield

    The alternative proposals are fine except for three things:

    a) they discourage driving to Manhattan but not driving through Manhattan,

    b) higher tolls increase the incentive for cars and trucks to drive out of their way to avoid the Brooklyn Battery and Queens Midtown Tunnels and and jam into Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City to get on the free bridges, and

    c) forcing Manhattanites to pay to park their own cars on the street could be considered a poison pill.

    Let’s not worry about c). a) and b) could be solved by tolling the free bridges. The added revenue might allow lower tolls on the bridges that don’t go to Manhattan, and during off peak times.

    Of course, the alternative will put more money in the pocket of the parking garages, which is why the congestion pricing opponents are in favor. Under CP, that money would go the city. But if the garages were required to provide secure bike parking at affordable prices as part of the deal, it might be worth it.