Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Pegs Pricing-Related Transit Improvements at $767 Million (NYT, Sun)
  • On Proposed Border, Upper East Siders Split, But ‘Muted’ (NYT)
  • Queens CB 11 Talks Congestion (Queens Chronicle)
  • Even in Amsterdam, Parking Fees Controversial (Nieuws uit Amsterdam)
  • MTA to Release Byzantine Fare Proposals (Post)
  • David Byrne, Jan Gehl Team Up for Cycling Event (AMNY)
  • NYC Named One of Nation’s Bike-Friendliest Cities (News, Sun)
  • Minneapolis Columnist Not Quite as Friendly (Star-Tribune)
  • Speeding Cab Jumps Curb, Hits Family, Killing One (Post, News)
  • Brooklyn Woman Crushed by Bus; Driver Not Charged (Post, News)
  • Chelsea 8-Year-Old Is Dead; No Charges Filed (AMNY)
  • 4-Year-Old Hit on Staten Island; No Charges Filed (NYT, Post)
  • Man Charged With Impeding Sidewalk Traffic (City Room)
  • JF

    According to court papers, a police officer “observed defendant along with a number of other individuals standing around at the above location, to wit a public sidewalk, not moving, and that as a result of defendant’s behavior, numerous pedestrians in the area had to walk around defendants.”

    Hm, I wonder if that’s the police officer who parks his or her car on the sidewalk outside the precinct all the time.

  • steve

    Upper East Siders split: Excellent counterpoint to the cowardice of the “devil in the details” crowd, Glenn. McAnanama for City Council, anyone? (We’ll have to learn how to pronounce it).

  • Glad the article came out so well about the congestion pricing border issues. More needs to be done to educate folks about why 86th street was choosen.

    Since I doubt I’ll ever run for elected office, probably the best way to show your support for our efforts to make the Upper East Side more sustainable is to make a donation to Upper Green Side check in the upper right hand corner for our Paypal “Donate Button”. You don’t need to have a paypal account…sorry for the shameless plug…