Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg: Parisian Bike-Sharing Program Might Not Work in NYC (NYT)
  • Bloomberg: "Fascinating"; "We have to do the same thing." (Post, News)
  • Original Miss Moneypenny Dies; Congestion Charge-Hating One Still Kicking (BBC)
  • Rising Gas Prices Generating Civil Unrest Worldwide (NYT)
  • Frank Bruni: Sidewalk Dining in NYC Like Picnicking in the Holland Tunnel (NYT)
  • Impaired Driver Kills Pedestrian, Not Charged for Death (Post, News)
  • Impaired Driver Kills Passenger, Charged With Homicide (Post, AMNY)
  • Man Crushed by Van in Front of Wife and Kids (News)
  • Project for Public Spaces’ Fred Kent: Impresario of the Village Green (NYT)
  • Can’t Deal With Plastic Bags? How Will We Deal With Climate Change? (NYT)
  • Albany Legislators Who Want to Work in Secret Should Find a New Job (NYT)
  • Hilary

    “Like picnicking at the Holland Tunnel.” I DID have a picnic at the the Holland Tunnel — around 1960! My mother had a wagon full of kids on our way to something when the car broke down, limped smoking to the Manhattan exit, and there we had our picnic. So when I spied the recent renovation of the Canal St. entrance – with what look to me like BARBECUE GRILLS in a gravel park?! – I promised my 85-year old mother I’d take her back for a reunion.

  • Man crushed by Van… When will enough be enough? It is time to get rid of the private auto, folks. It never was a good idea.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Bloomberg also toured a steel and oak pedestrian-and-bike-only crossing over the River Seine that’s helped revitalize a formerly industrial neighborhood.

    That bridge is pretty cool:

  • Dan

    I’m so tired of the incredible skepticism of New York’s elite to the idea that New Yorkers can use public spaces/utilities/bikes without it turning any program or civic good into a disaster plagued by vandalism and theft. New York is the safest big city in the United States, it recently suffered a terrorist attack and a huge blackout with practically no civic unrest. The citizens of New York deserve nice things.

  • ddartley

    Just have to chime in to agree with Dan. Nicely said.

  • ddartley

    Build one to link Williamsburg to Manhattan. Free up some space on that L train!

  • Dan


    Thanks for…um..agreeing with me. There was a time when I thought that New York was some kind of ungovernable morass of vandals and neerdowells. But that vision is proved wrong all the time. Moreover, thinking of the city as a place with no civic glue and no general sense of itself as a place diminishes us all.