The Transportation Alternatives Century Ride 2007

On Sunday 6,000 bicyclists took to the streets as part of Transportation Alternatives Century, a 100-mile spin around New York City (that also features routes of 15, 35, 55 and 75 miles). I did 55 this year. As always, the Century is a pretty amazing way to experience the city. Here is a 3-minute video montage by Clarence Eckerson of StreetFilms: TA Century 2007.

  • steve

    Thanks to Clarence for the great footage and especially to the T.A. Staff and all the volunteers that made the ride a success. What fun to ride down Broadway and through Brooklyn and Queens w/young kids without worrying about vehicles hitting us b/c they didn’t notice we were there. Just a reminder that we could dispense with a lot of the bicycling infrastructure if cycling rates increased, due to safety in numbers. If only that chicken could emerge from something other than an “infrastructure egg”!

  • Dave H.

    Lots of thanks to the TA volunteers; the ride was a lot of fun and probably one of the safest I’ve experienced in New York (for the reason Chris mentions). However, I was a little disappointed at the behavior of some cyclists who began to think they always had the right to cross the intersection, even against a red-light and with traffic coming the other way. Many drivers yielded, but that didn’t mean any had to and certainly didn’t mean that any cyclists had the rights to remonstrate aggressively towards drivers who didn’t yield. As usual, a few bad apples – but maybe TA should remind people to be courteous to drivers or else this may turn into a Critical Mass ride.

  • Clarence

    Dave H: I’ll second that. I have no problem with people crossing safely against a light if there really is nothing coming in any direction and they are not interfering with peds, but some people were being a bit insane – I even yelled at a couple of groups (even though I wasn’t wearing a marshal vest) for not waiting for the light to cross potentially dangerous Atlantic Ave, Kings Highway and Eastern Parkway. The people that didn’t cross were glad, we watched someone nearly get mulched on Kings Highway trying to weave across.

    There will always be bad apples, but this ride remains the best in New York City.


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