Take the NYC Neighborhood Quality of Life Survey

Citizens for NYC, whose mission is to stimulate and support self-help and civic action to improve the quality of life in New York City neighborhoods, invites you to participate in their new Neighborhood Quality of Life Survey

This is your chance to report on your neighborhood’s air quality, capacity for open spaces, its facilities for bicycling and walking, and many other quality of life issues. Citizens for NYC will use the survey results to develop a better understanding of the priorities of New York’s neighborhoods, and guide the organization’s activities to create stronger, healthier neighborhoods.


Congestion Pricing: Benefits for Queens

What does Congestion Pricing mean for western Queens? Transportation Alternatives and the Citizens Committee for NYC are hosting a panel discussion on the transit, health and quality of life benefits of Congestion Pricing for Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside. Transportation Consultant Bruce Schaller will present his new study, "Congestion Pricing for New York: Benefits […]

Study: High-Traffic Arterial Roads Reduce Quality of Life, Even Blocks Away

Seminal research by Donald Appleyard in the 1970s found the volume of traffic on a street affects quality of life for residents in profound and unexpected ways. For example, the amount of social contact people had with their neighbors was curtailed for those who lived on high traffic streets compared with those living on quieter streets. People even defined their “home […]

Noise: NYC’s Top Neighborhood Quality of Life Problem

Today’s New York Post reports: Street noise is so out of control that frustrated and sleep-weary New Yorkers cite it as the Big Apple’s No. 1 problem, a new survey has found. This, according to a survey by former Congressman Peter Kostmayer’s organization, Citizens for New York. Kostmayer said that if half the drivers who […]

Brooklyn to Mayor: Get a Transportation Policy

A 1997 traffic-calming protest in Brooklyn Heights (Photo: Transportation Alternatives). The neighborhoods of north Brooklyn have long been some of the most abused by regional traffic and transportation policy. So, it is not a surprise to see that the Tri-State Transportation Campaign has managed to convince twenty-eight Brooklyn neighborhood organizations to sign-on to a strongly […]