Happy Labor Day Weekend

Enjoy the long weekend and recharge your batteries. If you’re working to make New York a more livable city, it’s going to be a busy Fall. May these photos from Utrecht, Holland inspire you…

I know I parked in here somewhere…

Three generations on wheels.

Evening rush hour downtown.


Not afraid to ride in the middle of the street.

Evening rush hour near the train station.

More bike parking at the train station.

Who says Breukelen isn’t bike-friendly?

Photos: Aaron Naparstek, Utrecht, October 3, 2006, German Marshall Fund Fellowship.

  • Greg Raisman

    It turns out that my wife and I just took a trip to 7 European cities that included Utrecht. I’ve been working hard on a photo collection in Flickr to organize the hundreds of transportation photos I took. There are also a number of short videos that I need to get online.

    Here are three photo sets about Utrecht:
    General Traffic Observations:

    Traffic Circle Detail:

    Traffic Calmed Street with Excellent Bike Lanes Detail:

    Enjoy (and feel free to leave comments).

  • gecko

    Bikes and more bikes. Yes!

  • ethan

    Good shots for use in arguing street design in the USA. Wide bike lanes allow multiple bikes across in each direction. Narrower traffic lanes force slower speeds. Too often our city “planners” just through more bandwidth at motor vehicles and don’t think through the ramifications. The available space will always be used – i you want less motor vehicle congestion – reduce the available space and make it more compelling to bus, ride bikes, walk or carpool.

  • da

    Why no bike rack on the front of that bus, I wonder?

  • That is so cool! I look forward to seeing this where I live. I know it is possible here.

  • Greg Raisman

    da: The no racks on the front of buses was definitely an issue of discussion when I met (and rode) with the two staff from the Brussels Regional transportation authority.

    They said there is a particular leader with the European Union that thinks they somehow compromise pedestrian safety. After about a decade of use on 100% of our buses in Portland, I’m not aware of any crashes related to them.

    Ulric and Frederick would very much like to get bike racks on their buses, but are currently barred due to EU policy.

    The Netherlands, I’d imagine, have to live under the same rules as Belgium.


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