Today’s Headlines

  • Opponents Spin Grant as Blow to Pricing; Silver Lays Groundwork for Future Obstructionism (NYT, City Room, Post, Daily News, Sun, Metro)
  • Once Again, It’s Up to the Politicians (NYT)
  • Beijing Cars Ordered Off Streets for Air Quality Test (China Daily)
  • Did Markowitz Torpedo Prospect Park Car Restrictions? (Daily News)
  • Downtown Brooklyn Park to Include 694-Space Parking Deck (Post)
  • Study: As Neighborhoods Gentrify, So Do Public Spaces (City Room)
  • NYPD Ticketing Legally Parked Cars (Gothamist)
  • Tractor-Trailer Hits 84-Year-Old Brooklyn Woman (Post, Daily News)
  • Transit Officials on Vacation During Storm (Daily News)
  • MTA Explores Text Messaging (AMNY)
  • Trash Now Leaving Bronx by Rail (NYT)
  • Coal Mine Disasters Reflect US Energy Policy (Salon)
  • Charlie D.

    Re: Prospect Park car-free hours

    What’s the deal with all the squabbling? Why doesn’t the city get some ca hones and set up a trial car-free period? For example, announce now that for the month of September Prospect Park will be car-free 24 hours a day. If massive traffic chaos ensues (which we’re all pretty much sure it will not), then scale back the car-free hours as needed.

  • Ray

    Re: MTA Text Alerts

    There are absolutely no “technological limits” keeping the MTA from sending text or email alerts. It is simply a factor of money. If communication is a priority (which it clearly is not) then a solution should not be difficult, provided the funding is provided. Maybe MTA is unaware that a number of companies offer bulk email services.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Factors concerning money are never “simple” especially in regards to the MTA fishbowl. Of course the MTA is aware many companies offer services for a price. Sarcasm is really much more effective when there is some sort of doubt involved. I enjoy it in those circumstances.

    Given that many providers offer that sort of service do you have any idea how many hoops even a well meaning public agency would have to jump through to bid out that type of work? Or how many other projects are in line for that sort of capital, time and space committment?