Today’s Headlines

  • Sources Say Congestion Pricing Will Get Federal Funds (NYT, Sun)
  • Expected $350 Million Earmark Will Hinge on Pricing Approval (Daily News, Post)
  • LI Legislators Say Pricing Will Clog Commuter Lots (Northender)
  • Tornado-Damaged Brooklyn Could Be Declared Disaster Site (Crain’s)
  • Bloomberg Dismisses Post-Storm Parking Tickets (Post)
  • 100+ Degree Temps Scorching the South (Metro)
  • Water Levels in Great Lakes Dropping (NYT)
  • Big Money Needed to Fight Climate Change (NYT)
  • Venture Capital Flowing to ‘Green’ Tech (Sun)
  • Spitzer Likes NASCAR (NYT)
  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    From the Northender article:

    In a statement released this week, Senator Craig Johnson (D-Port Washington) said, “Many of our train stations simply do not have the parking facilities to accommodate these new riders….In other words, congestion pricing would bring the congestion from the city, to our suburban communities.”

    Almost. Congestion pricing would prevent you from forcing congestion on the city and push it back to your suburban communities. Manhattan and the neighborhoods between it and these suburbs (like Sunnyside) have allowed Port Washington and Syosset to develop their sprawling lifestyles; now they’re going to have to deal with them.

    Rather than just complaining and obstructing, or building bigger parking lots, I’d like to see Johnson and “RESIDENTS for a More Beautiful Syosset” work to implement a sustainable way of getting people to the train that doesn’t require private cars.