Today’s Headlines

  • Upper East Side Politicians Unite to Fight Bike Lane (Sun)
  • Massive I-35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis (The Lede)
  • RELATED: Gowanus Expressway 2012? (Gulp!)
  • When a Mayor Plays Just Another Straphanger (NYT)
  • Lousy Gas Mileage in the City Hall Parking Lot (Politicker)  
  • Bloomberg: Some People Focus on Important Things, Some Don’t (City Room)
  • City May Require Permits for Photography in Public Space (Sun)
  • Picture New York: Groups Organize to Oppose Photo Ban (PNY)
  • After Cop Shootings, a Call for a Crackdown on Tinted Windows (City Room)
  • Seattle Converts Busy Downtown Avenue to Bus-Only (SeattlePI
  • Portland Contemplates a Bogota-Style Ciclovia Event (BikePortland)
  • 7 Teens Hurt Drag Racing on Staten Island (News)
  • Marty Markowitz, the MTA and the Atlantic Yards Giveaway (Brooklyn Paper
  • New Hope for Rundown Bensonhurst Park (News)
  • Hey, We’re Walking Here! (City Room)
  • lee

    Re: Gowanus Tunnel, this info has been on the state DOT site for a while. I don’t think NYC Roads has anything new.

    and you have to love the title of one of the reports cited, “How to Build Our Way Out of Congestion”. Yeah, that’ll work.

  • Thanks, Lee, that’s a much better Gowanus link.

    How twisted is it that my first thought upon hearing about the Minneapolis thing was, “Gowanus Expressway 2012?”

    Occupational hazard of editing Streetsblog and living in Brooklyn, I guess.

  • rex

    “Does that guy see me? I dunno, the windows are too effing dark!”

    I hate tinted windows. Every cyclist in the city should get behind this cause. Wow, a place where cops and cyclists meet for a common cause. I guess I never thought of cops as vulnerable road users before.