Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Plan Would Raise Tolls and Fares 6.5% (NYT, Sun, News)
  • Fatal Staten Island Crash: Teen Driver "Was All Show: (News, NYT)
  • Taxi Drives Call for Strike Over GPS, Video, Credit Card System (News, Sun, NYT)
  • Compromising on Congestion and Campaign Cash (Goth Gazette
  • Congestion Pricing Pro and Con (The Indypendent)
  • Green Cities Program Advances in Sao Paulo, Brazil (TreeHugger)
  • Death Toll Rises in Record-Setting European Heat Wave (Guardian)
  • British Prime Minister Links Severe Flooding to Climate Change (Wash Post)
  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    From the Times article:

    “I would never say there cannot be a fare hike, but a fare hike is tantamount to a tax increase, and it should be enacted as far into the future as possible,” Mr. Liu said.

    Good on John Liu, borrowing the “tax increase” rhetoric from the anti-pricing people. I’ll go him one further: it’s a regressive tax!

  • Herb

    Raising the price of Reeboks is a tax increase!! Everything’s a tax!! yarghhhhhhhhhh *head explodes*