Today’s Headlines

  • Pricing Rises from the Dead (Daily News, Daily Politics, Sun)
  • RELATED: Comptroller Would Reduce Charge for New Yorkers (Post, Crain’s)
  • RELATED: Staten Island EDC Issues Endorsement (NY1)
  • Bloomberg Investigating Placard Issues [Video] (WCBS via Uncivil Servants)
  • Queens CB Wants Parking Deck to Stem Congestion (Queens Gazette)
  • Verrazano Commuters Facing ‘Gridlock Hell’ (Daily News)
  • JFK Rail Link Funds Clear House Committee (Sun)
  • Bill Would Increase Penalties for Bike-Ped Injuries and Deaths (Register-Guard)
  • Man Killed Defending Driver Who Hit Child (Post)
  • Girls Kicked Off Bus for Kissing (Post)
  • drose

    From the reporting I’ve seen, Silver wants to set this committee up to just study congestion pricing without actually commmitting to it. This looks like another Status-Quo Shelly ploy to get what he wants (pay raises) without actually having to agree to anything. Spitzer and Bloomberg should stonewall him until he commits himself and his legislative body to pricing in writing. Anything less is too much wiggle room.

    Glad to see Spitzer using his leverage, though.

  • B-b-b-but drose, “‘No one would object to a study,[…]’ Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, a Democrat of Westchester, said.” (-NY SUN)