Today’s Headlines

  • NYC Competing for Congestion Pricing Funds (Sun)
  • RELATED: Top Lobbyist Recruited to Promote Pricing (Daily News)
  • Enviro Upgrades Increase Workplace Productivity (Wonkster)
  • Spitzers ‘Greening’ Governor’s Mansion (NYT)
  • No Consensus on Atlantic Yards Timetable (AYR)
  • Police Chase Ends in Collision with School Bus (Post, Daily News)
  • Second Vehicle Crashes into Queens House (Daily News)
  • Car-Free Zones Boosting Urban Economies (CS Monitor)
  • People Walking Faster in World’s Big Cities (BBC)
  • Tour de Schumer Caption Contest (Dope on the Slope)
  • mork

    Re: “Second Vehicle Crashes into Queens House”

    This is schadenfruede, right?

    “The collision obliterated the front door and damaged a garage wall, causing its ceiling to collapse onto a collectible 1973 Opal Manta classic car worth at least $50,000, the family said.”